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Push.House Review – Is It Best Push Notification Ad Network?

Push.House Review 2022:

Do you run ads on your websites but feel that those ads aren’t generating sufficient results? Are you looking to boost your conversion rates and reach your target audience faster and more reliably? If that is the case then we have one of the best ad networks for you. We use our phones daily and get hundreds of notifications every day. So as a publisher, you would imagine that what if you could directly reach the push notifications to your users. This is where Push.House comes in.

Today, we will take a deep dive into Push.House and all of the features that it provides to the publishers. Basically, figuring out whether it is worth using this ad network or not.

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What is Push.House?

Push House

Push.House is an ad network that monetizes all of the traffic on your website by using push notifications. it is one of the fastest-growing ad networks in the world. The revenue is generated by sending push notifications to the users of the publishers. Push notifications have a much higher CTR than other formats so you can easily generate a large revenue boost.

Another major benefit that Push.House has that it has a very large network. They have more than 500 million subscribers panning across 180 countries across the globe. With this large network, they are able to generate more than 14 billion impressions and 30 million clicks each day. With such a wide range of publishers, your ads can be targeted toward a niche audience as well.

Unique Features:

Some of the features of Push.House that differentiates them from other networks are:

Advanced Targeting:

One of the best things about Push.House is that it provides you with advanced targeting options for your ads. You get different filters through which you can filter out the users. You can filter on the basis of age of subcription, CPC, country, OS version, browser language, etc. This is really great it allows you to specifically target your audience. Another great thing is that with Push.House, you can see the ad results in real-time. In this way, you can always see whether users are clicking or interacting with your ads or not.

Intuitive Dashboard:

The dashboard is really simple and intuitive. This makes it really easy to use without any confusion. With a simple-to-use dashboard, you don’t need to hire any marketers to run your campaigns. You can easily run your own campaigns without any help from a third party.

Ad Formats:

Push.House offers different ad formats like IOS Push, Inpage, Native, Push, etc. With these different types of ads, you can exactly use the type of format that you want and get the best possible results and boost your revenue.


Another great thing about Push.House is that it allows you to customize your bids. So, when you are creating a campaign on Push.House, you can customize the bids depending upon your needs. You can also set the click limit of your ads and the total budget of your campaign on daily basis.

Moderation Queue:

After the successful creation of a campaign, it directly goes to the moderation queue. After the moderation has taken place, you can pause the release of the campaign. In this way, you can make campaigns that are reviewed and ready to launch before the release time. This allows you to make different campaigns and keep them lined up without taking any break in between and then release them whenever you see fit.

Customer Support:

One of the best things about Push.House is their excellent customer support. If you are facing any trouble while creating an ad campaign, then they are always there to help you. Their customer support is really good and quickly solves all of your queries in no time.

How to Get Started?

Getting started with Push.House is really easy as an advertiser. Below is a step-by-step guide on how you can create your own account and run successful campaigns and drive more high-quality traffic to your website.

Account Creation:

The 1st step is to create your account on Push.House. When you visit their website there is a signup button on the top. After clicking the button, a registration form will appear. All you need to do is to fill out this form and click on “Create Your Account”. After account creation, the only thing left to do is to verify the email you provided and your account will be approved.

Ad Creation:

After you have created your account, you need to create an ad to drive more traffic toward your site. You need to add a title, image, and description of your advertisement. You need to make sure that you provide the link to your website so that all of the traffic is directed there.

Audience Selection:

The 3rd step is to select your target audience. This is basically the area where you want to target your ad campaign. Here you can select the country, the city and specify other demographics that you want to target.

The Result:

If you successfully created an Ad Campaign then an account manager will check your campaign and approve it. After the campaign has been approved, you will get a notification informing you of the confirmation. You don’t need to do anything after that as you will immediately start getting clicks and impressions. You can track all of the results in real-time through the dashboard.

Push.House’s solution for publishers.

Push.House is an ad network, where you can buy traffic for your website or affiliate link and make money. But what if you have a website that already has a lot of traffic? Push.House can help you to make some good money monetizing the traffic you already have. This is possible through Push.House’s publishers program.


Partners.House is a network that allows you, as a publisher, to add your website, that will start showing push ads fro your traffic and you will get money for each click on the ads that are shown on your website.

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Affiliate Program:

One of the best things about Push.House is their affiliate program. Using this program, you can earn extra money just by inviting your friends and family to join Push.House’s large network. If someone join this network using your referral link and deposits some amount then you will get 3% commission on the deposits. This is a really good way to earn more money as you only have to invite other people to join Push.House using your referral link.

Benefits of Push.House:

  • Easy to Use Dashboard.
  • 24/7 Customer Support.
  • Minimum CPC.
  • Various Ad Formats.
  • Real-Time Conversion.
  • High Conversion Rates.
  • Worldwide Coverage.

Drawbacks of Push.House:

Proxies can result in the banning of account

Do We Recommend Push.House?

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Push.House is a really good ad network for publishers and offers some of the best features in the market. This is a platform where you can easily launch ad campaigns and monetize your traffic. There is live support present which is really good and solves your queries in no time. There are advanced targeting options present as well that you can use to specifically target your audience.

It is really easy to start your ad campaign on Push.House as it only takes like 3 steps. They have a really simple dashboard where you can see all of the results in real-time.

They have a weekly payment system and provide on-time payments. Their payout is also the highest in the market. All in all, if you are looking for the best ad network for advertisers, then we can easily recommend Push.House.

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