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simpleshow video maker Review:

simpleshow video maker is what you want to use when you want to make a quick and informative video that can help you explain your point or topic. Using the extremely simple and explorative approach that helps you explain anything. You can make use of simpleshow video maker’s creative content-creating platform and make your informative video in a fun and entertaining way. Doesn’t matter what the subject of your video is. If you want to show and tell the entire learning experience, then simpleshow video maker is the tool for you.


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simpleshow video maker helps you make the best informative video through its state-of-the-art graphics and overlays.

Anything you need to make the video making an effort more detailed yet fun and entertaining at the same time, it is a guarantee that simpleshow video maker will have it in its arsenal of features.

With this explainer video maker you can put your best foot forward and take a simplistic approach in presenting your topic to others. This approach has proven to be extremely effective in getting the point across.

The technical team behind the creation of this AI-based video maker works around the clock to ensure that you can create a great explanation for your topics or debates and showcase them to your audience in a way that can allow them to understand the subject matter without any problems perfectly. Your explanation will be made in a clear and informative way, without any ambiguity in the learning approach to slow you down.

Applications of simpleshow video maker:

simpleshow video maker has a clear understanding of the kind of material its users wish to present to their audience and thus provides a multitude of options for the users to choose from. You can make all sorts of videos, all with different purposes. Your video can be informative, a dramatization of events, a presentation of sorts, or any other such infographics that can help allow viewers to be briefed on.

People can use simpleshow video maker’s highly innovative interface to make such videos. These videos mostly benefit users on both small and large scales. You can use it for creating presentations, informative classes, lessons, etc. Or you can make use of it to highlight your social media by creating content for that, or as a means of content marketing material, training sessions for big corporations, as a means of debate presentations, or for education and other such learning and development media.

Whatever the need will be, simpleshow video maker will surely meet them all the way.


simpleshow video maker has a plethora of features that it provides its users. The best of the best is offered to its customers to have the best user experience without infringing on any of the functionalities, which you should know, simpleshow video maker has a lot of.

The video tool provides a host of features that range from advanced animation features to text overlay videos. You can easily use the content library they provide to drag and drop any option you require for your video customization.

The state-of-the-art features also include video capture, video editing, video sharing options that are highly lucrative for users. You can even add audio and images to your videos, along with text and media captured through your device or from your files. All of this can be done through simpleshow video maker’s impressive and extremely easy user interface.

You can preview your work when all is edited and done before rendering it. And even share it with whichever parties you prefer while also keeping it private from other public individuals. All of this is made accessible to you through simpleshow video maker.

Basic Working:

The basic working of simpleshow video maker goes through easy steps. And since the user interface provided in this explainer  video maker is extremely easy and accessible, you can move forward and make your videos and edit them with all of the main editing tools present at your disposal.

simpleshow video maker has four simple steps when it comes to video editing. You start with accessing the tools to create your video draft. You add in your text overlays that can help explain the point of the infographics. You then visualize the entire video experience and finalize the remaining metrics. Your video is complete and ready for perusal.

Pros and Cons: simpleshow video maker:

As with all products, one must assess the pros and cons of that product. As such, simpleshow video maker is no exception. It has many great qualities that make it quite attractive for users who wish to use its excellent video editing features that help explain any topics to your audience. And in that regard, it is an extremely efficient tool.

But it isn’t without faults, and that is what we will be discussing. simpleshow video maker has a lot of pros, but at the same time, it has several flaws as well.


simpleshow video maker offers its users a great interface with plenty of features that can help users create visually pleasing and highly informative videos that can help create a knowledgeable and explanatory environment for its viewers. It is also laden with excellent editing features that are extremely high-tech and provides the opportunity to work on your videos so that they can fulfill their purpose.

The tools it provides come in handy for business individuals, as they can create infographics content to explain their ideas in pitch meetings, training sessions, webinars, etc. All of this is made possible through simpleshow video maker.

simpleshow video maker can also be used for educational purposes; one of its major selling points is that it helps pursue and spread knowledge.

The interface and features are highly applauded across all of its user bases. They particularly love the transitions provided for their videos and the overall illustrative work put into their videos. Allowing them to showcase themselves to their audience and receive praise as a result.


There isn’t a lot about the demerits made against simpleshow video maker. The video tool has clear goals and aspirations for their functionality, and they come prepared for all the metrics and parameters they have set up for themselves and their users agree.

Although there is still one major gripe that users have about simpleshow video maker. Users have complained about the visible lack of extra storylines and transitional graphics that it provides. Users have complained that they wish to see more of these storylines in the future.

simpleshow video maker Price:

simpleshow  a well-integrated video editing tool that caters to people from all walks of life, with one primary goal that they have settled on; to provide the best video creator tool for creating explainer videos to increase knowledge in a fun and creative setting.

And with these kinds of motivations, it isn’t a wonder that many people flock towards their services. As such, these people will be pleased to know that several pricing plans are set in place for people and their individualistic requirements.

Following are the details of the pricing plan offered by simpleshow video maker:

Free Trial:

The free trial period lasts up to 7 days, and you can use various simpleshow video maker services. You won’t have to add in your billing or credit card information to make use of the trial period, either.

Fun Plan $5.99/month:

The starting price for simpleshow video maker starts at $5.99/month and moves on from there. Through this plan, you can use simpleshow video maker’s more basic editing features.

Business Plan $129/month:

The business plan picks up the monetary incentive. It allows users to use its more advanced features such as watermark removal, downloading your videos in high definition, and using the privacy feature that simpleshow video maker allows its users.

Pro Plan $499/month:

The Pro plan allows users to get into the full experience of simpleshow video maker, where you can edit professional videos that are more suited to your profession. You can add your watermarks, add subtitles to your videos, and even add your background music to your videos. All that and more with the pro plan.


The final consensus seems to be that simpleshow video maker is an excellent video editing tool that allows users to create informative videos such as presentations, lectures, training sessions, webinars, etc. All of which they can expertly craft through the excellent tools that simpleshow video maker provides. The graphics and templates that simpleshow video maker offers its users can make a difference in the viewers’ overall learning and educational experience.

The best part about simpleshow video maker would be that it offers extremely efficient features and templates for individual use as well as for big businesses who wish to conduct infographic video sessions in their company, training their employees through these creative videos and generally allowing there to be a full-on educational and informative experience for the entire group of viewers. But set in a more simplistic and fun atmosphere that can help boost morale by many degrees.

simpleshow video maker is, therefore, a very efficient tool to be used.

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