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15+ Best Sponsored Post Networks in 2022

Are you trying to generate money by looking for sponsored posts? Would you be interested in writing any sponsored blog entries for which you would be paid? And, do you blog?

This article will help if you’re curious about how to earn sponsored posts for your website or blog.

Sponsored posts are a fantastic way to monetize your site!

Although they have existed for a long time sponsored posts and sponsored content are unique kinds of advertising and promotion that are becoming increasingly popular.

Such sponsored posts do not even merely appear anytime you visit a new website; instead, they are a great method for bloggers to expand their networks without coming across as pushy salespeople.

You can monetize your website or blog in a variety of ways. Most of us began with Google AdSense and other PPC ad networks that reward you for every user click. Other well-liked means of generating income for bloggers include straight sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and sponsored posts.

Advertisers will get in touch with you if your site has huge traffic and is one of the best websites in the industry for sponsored content or product reviews. As a result, producing reviews and other third-party content can earn you a respectable living. You will receive the money by PayPal, bank transfer, and other payment options.

So, What Exactly is a Sponsored Post?

While sponsored articles can be compared to native adverts, they do so with slightly less content. They are made to look like the surroundings in which they are stationed. For instance, if a sponsored post appears in a publication, it will probably take the shape of an article, and you won’t even be able to tell whether you are trying to read a sponsored post or a magazine part.

One approach to keep readers interested in what they are reading without them realizing it is a sponsored post rather than an article is by making sponsored posts entertaining to read. You won’t find phrases like “sale! sale! sale!” in advertisements.

These paid postings are sandwiched between being an advertisement and a blog post online. Because they come straight from an influencer, publication, or blog, sponsored articles contain more details than standard advertisements. Many companies browse for sponsored posts on blogs they identify with and get in touch if they discover their ideal fit.

You can either partner with influencers to sponsor your article on their websites or accept paid posts on your blog sites.

How can one join a Network for Sponsorship?

Your blog must adhere to specific standards for every sponsorship network. One such requirement is to meet a minimum follower requirement before applying to some networks.

Most of the time, you will complete a profile with all your data, including your social media platforms, follower counts, interaction data, contact details, etc.

Make Profiles on Networks for Sponsored Posts:

  • One of the simplest methods to be discovered by businesses is to make a profile on one of the sponsored post networks or influencer marketing platforms.
  • Make sure to complete your profile and be as thorough as possible
  • They’ll inquire you what topic of your blog is on websites that offer sponsored posts.
  • Without writing a long story, try making this as interesting, interesting, and comprehensive as possible.

Furthermore, many of these sponsored post networks only permit bloggers who satisfy specific requirements to join.

Difference Between Affiliate Programs and Sponsored Posts:

You could think that signing up for affiliate programs and sponsored posts are extremely similar. Although sponsored and affiliate blog posts are comparable, they are different.

The primary distinction between affiliate deals and sponsorships is the commission structure of the former. The more people who click on and make a purchase using your affiliate link, the more money you earn. In contrast, a sponsorship pays up front, and your earnings are unaffected by the number of clicks or transactions.

Although an affiliate program theoretically allows you to benefit from each sale, sponsorship is a one-time payment that you receive regardless of how well your sales executive.

These websites can make it easier to get in touch with sponsored post networks in 2022 and 2023 that can assist you in selling sponsored posts or with whom you can collaborate.

  1. Real Clever
  2. Linqia
  3. IZEA
  4. Adsy
  5. Acorn
  6. FlyOut
  7. AspirelQ
  8. She Media
  9. Blog Meets Brand
  10. ValuedVoice
  11. Intellifluence
  12. Seeding Up
  13. Tapinfluence
  14. Bloggin’ Mamas
  15. AwesomeGrowth
  16. BlogDash

1. Real Clever:


Real Clever is an influencer marketing network that focuses on various subjects, including technology, health, causes & social good, food & drink, pets, and technology. Since its founding in 2009, Clever has been active in this industry. Numerous influencers have been sent by it to reputable and well-known brands.

They provide a framework with an easily browsed-through, well-organized summary of relevant opportunities.

Novice bloggers are invited to apply since clever does not currently have any minimum standards for followers or traffic. They collaborate with several well-known brands, including Clif, California Closets, Kimberly-Clark, Lenovo, and others.

2. Linqia:


Linqia is the platform for you if you could have used the word “lifestyle” to explain the topic of your blog. Linqia, in contrast to many other networks, gives revenue in 10 days, and their average pay is determined using a pay-per-click system.

An influencer marketing firm called Linqia was founded in 2012. One of the top businesses seeking high-quality material and offering a platform for its promotion is Linqia. It offers ROI to its consumers and acts as a platform for content distribution to several media outlets, enabling bloggers to expand their networks significantly.

They have created a cutting-edge AI that links brand influencers and content creators with amazing success.

Brands like Bissell, Samsung, Nestle, NBC, Clarins, Kimberly-Clark, and Unilever are among their impressive and remarkable list of clients. Anyone in North America with more than 2500 monthly visits or social media followers is welcome to try their fortune.

  • Website:

3. IZEA:


IZEA was established in 2006 and has been operating since, offering a platform where you can locate significant content producers for your Brand to reach a larger audience network. One of the biggest networks, IZEAx, is administered by Izea and provides possibilities to various digital content producers.

In addition to influencers such as bloggers, YouTubers, and Instagrammers, IZEA comprises creative content creators without huge followers, including writers, videographers, graphic designers, and photographers.

Brands may use the platform’s advanced and effective search refinement system to identify the best influencers for their promotions. IZEA can confidently proclaim that they collaborate with several of the most well-known brands in the world, such as Alaska Airlines, Target, Mercedes-Benz, The Home Depot, and HGTV.

They employ about 110 people in North America, including 40 in the engineering department and 70 in customer service, which enables them to innovate their platforms while providing excellent customer service continuously

  • Website:

4. Adsy:


Adsy is also another way to obtain sponsored posts for your blog. It links publishers and consumers to both parties’ advantage.

To enable them to achieve new heights of business excellence, Adsy brings together extraordinary publishers and buyers. Select pertinent publishers, request the creation of blog posts, or submit your own content.

The optimum outcome is achieved for both publishers and customers. Register to enhance your rankings, raise brand exposure, or get paid to place content on your website.

From well-known blogs, businesses can purchase backlinks with a high domain authority for a reasonable price. Additionally, Adsy will assist bloggers in effortlessly monetizing their visitors and generating substantial cash from creating or putting content. Once you have earned $60, you will be paid via PayPal.

5. Acorn:


Acorn is yet another sponsored post network platform where you may find chances for sponsored blog articles and help build your platform. It closely collaborates with companies and influencers and offers a platform in which it transmits its message in a manner that appeals to customers.

Acorn allows you to establish a credible voice through authentic content by partnering with the right businesses. It’s possible to collaborate with well-known national companies, produce excellent content, and profit from it. You must complete your profile when you sign Acorn and represent yourself to the Acorn staff. It’s crucial to get this right because this network doesn’t let you browse chances; instead, it sends advertising proposals to content producers that match the Brand’s mission the best.

You may have the chance to work for household companies like Nickelodeon, Johnson & Johnson, Smucker’s, P&G, Kimberly-Clark, and Serta if you successfully convince the Acorn squad with your high-caliber material.

  • Website:

6. FlyOut:

Flyout seems to be another platform that can be a fantastic approach for bloggers to get compensated. It is free to sign up and a simple method to make money by displaying sponsored posts on your site.

To help you reach a larger audience, offers a wide range of features and amenities. Bloggers that are linked with this website are paid 30 days just after the month comes to an end.

People are chosen through the website based on specific criteria. Some of them are as follows:

  • Your blog should be active for at least six months.
  • Your industry should be lawful.
  • Your blog ought to receive at least 10,000 natural visitors each month.
  • The user interface of the blog must be simple and effective, making it simple for users to obtain all the content.
  • Your blog must contain at least 100 excellent, original blog posts.


7. AspireIQ:


AspireIQ is a platform that connects marketers with influencers to enable them to run campaigns and attract a wide audience. Annually, AspireIQ improves by evolving and sculpting itself.

It maintains prolonged working relationships and utilizes the “Influence 2.0” methodology. If you are looking to sponsor your post or partner with them as an influencer to find brands to engage with, it is a fantastic alternative because it is a trustworthy site that keeps improving.

You may find a wide range of deals in practically every market on AspireIQ. They provide a well-designed interface that lets you search for chances and view their specifics. Along with possibilities where you can bid for money, you can also come over options where such a company would send you a product in exchange for a blog review or a share on your social media profiles.

AspireIQ offers marketers the ability to “like” the accounts of influencers they’d want to collaborate with, which is an intriguing tool. Large brands, including Bed Bath & Beyond, Nike, Walmart, Stanley Black & Decker, L.L.Bean, and others, are among AspireIQ’s many notable clients.

  • Website:

8. She Media:


She Media is among the few websites designated as a Google Certified Publishing Partner. It draws approximately 500 organizations due to its brand-safe atmosphere. They provide various options for making money off your blogs, including affiliate marketing, sponsored blog post advantages, and advertisements.

This website has other sites, each with its network, enabling you to collaborate with one of them to post the ads that the primary site posts while giving you access to well-known companies and advertising partners.

This website encourages blogs owned by women and female content producers and caters only to women. They collaborate with many well-known businesses in various sectors, from entertainment to food content.

9. Blog Meets Brand:


The website, as its name suggests, connects influencers and bloggers with companies, creating a huge network and assisting in promoting both blogs and brands.

Blog Meets Brand is a wonderful blog platform that could really put you in touch with several outstanding brands. Additionally, it’s really simple to sign up with them; just input your name, email address, and password to get started before creating your typical profile.

One of the top influencer marketing networks available is Blog Meets Brand, which has over 40K influencers on its network and a cutting-edge matchmaking engine.

They provide businesses with a sophisticated search function that discovers the right fit according to customer demographics, location, follower counts, and specialty.

After you become engaged, brands may look for you. You’ll succeed if you have a clearly defined niche and an engaging blog with a sizable readership. Even extremely specialized blogs can acquire deals on the site that are acceptable for them because they have clients in a range of niches. Big brands, including Motorola, Dunkin’ Donuts, Neutrogena, Walmart, M&M’s, Groupon, and Hallmark, have collaborated with Blog Meets Brand.

10. ValuedVoice:

value voice

ValuedVoice is a fantastic network for bloggers seeking compensated possibilities. It’s an excellent method for locating paid post possibilities and a fantastic method of generating income. If you have an engaging blog and Social Media accounts with good content, ValuedVoice is an excellent tool to use.

Set a fee for each of your blogs and social Media outlets to be monetized after creating your account. You will receive 5 chances every month, gratis, per channel. Take advantage of a paid service, which begins at just $3/30 days, if you wish to receive an infinite number of sponsored post chances.

11. Intellifluence:


Intellifluence is a famous influencer marketing tactic where influencers and bloggers can acquire tasks and be compensated for collaborating with brands and businesses.

Make a profile, add your blog or channels, and include the fees. You can also provide particulars that will enable brands to relate to you. As soon as you sign up, you’ll get the opportunity to interact with paid and unpaid brands based on your preferences!

The “Intellifluence Promise,” which guarantees that you are safely compensated for your efforts and get sponsorship from legitimate brands, is the foundation upon which all transactions at Intellifluence are made. You must have a working PayPal email account to finalize the application form and accept payment via Intellifluence Payments.

12. Seeding Up:

speeding UP

Seeding Up is a well-known website that allows you to monetize your blog, online media, social media accounts, and YouTube channels. Based on several variables, including traffic, accessibility, and the number of articles you have, it will evaluate the power of your websites and make a budget recommendation. The initiatives are categorized into several distinct sections: blog posts, product tests, video posts, influencer videos, and others. Advertisers will contact you to advertise their goods or via sponsored articles.

SeedingUp links publications and influencers with digital marketers in numerous languages and markets worldwide. It provides online marketing services as well as sponsored posts for bloggers.

In contrast, the payment system used by SeedingUp pays you 1/12 of the total after each month and the remaining amount after 12 months. However, you are permitted to take a withdrawal starting with the first month. In any case, the platform is great for the chance to sponsor blog posts regularly.

13. Tapinfluence:


Tapinfluence provides marketers with a platform to manage marketing, locate influencers, and promote creators. This website allows brands to administer campaigns to reach a larger audience.

TapInfluence is among the top influencer marketing tools to receive sponsored posts on your site. It is affordable to use and makes it simple to monetize blog traffic.

Another revenue stream from TapInfluence is social media influence. Link your blog and social media profiles to receive invitations from advertisers to promote their goods or contents. You will get an email with all the program details if a business thinks you’ll be a good fit for one of their ads.

14. Bloggin’ Mamas:

blogging Mamas

A website called Bloggin’ Mamas supports mothers. Moms, as the name would imply. It must have been established in 2010 and is one of the first networks for parent bloggers and one of the most well-known mums.

It deals with businesses, community events in the area, and support networks. They offer training, coaching, and tools to their users (mothers) to assist them in mastering social media marketing skills.


15. AwesomeGrowth:


AwesomeGrowth is a comparatively recent content distribution platform that will assist you in developing long-term relationships with advertisers and earning consistent revenue by posting sponsored pieces.

Login to your Google Analytics profile after adding your blog and verifying access. AwesomeGrowth offers you complete control over the cost of your sponsored posts, just like the other services we discussed before.

  • Website:

16. BlogDash:

BlogDash is a fantastic tool that enables you to blog on well-known websites and earn money. It offers both sponsored posts (on your blogs) and possibilities for guest writing (on popular websites), which will increase your connections and reputation.

This additional website facilitates connections between businesses, agencies, and various influencers to reach a broad audience. It offers do-it-yourself campaign management tools.



This list of the top sponsored post networks you may sign up for to interact with major international brands. With the help of these networks, you may create sponsored posts for businesses and receive payment. You can sign up with any network on the list, create sponsored posts, and get money.

The networks above for sponsored content are all trustworthy and reliable. They provide various tools and features to keep track of your progress and revenue. You can think about attempting one of the aforementioned sponsored content networks if you can produce original, high-quality material and wish to earn money through sponsored articles.

However, before joining any network, read their requirements and policies. While some networks require a popular blog, others charge a sign-up fee. Therefore, it is advised that you read their terms and conditions.

Stay tuned with us for more updates!

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