Terrariums and All the Ways in Which Gardening Has Changed

Back in the old days, gardening was all about planting seeds and praying for them to grow. Many harvest festivals, and most popularly, Thanksgiving came into being because farmers wished for better crops.

In the world that we see now, horticulture and agriculture have taken on an entirely different meaning. It is not merely an instrument for providing food, but actually, an entire field of science dedicated to the growing and tending of plants.

For example, terrariums in Singapore are a popular way to decompress and relieve your stress.

The different approaches to gardening that we see today

In life, there are many different uses for many different things. For example, some plants are used for food, others are used for decoration, some are used for medicines while others are loved for their smells. 

In that way, there are many different approaches to ensure that you get the most out of your gardening experience. 

  • Aquaponics

This is traditionally the approach that uses fish to grow plants. The exact mechanism that occurs is that the fish excreta makes for very good fertilizers. However, the fish need to be fed and a large amount of space is needed to make and house the fish tanks. One positive aspect of this is that one can also grow a lot of fish right alongside it.

  • Hydroponics

While this name sounds similar to Aquaponics, it is actually quite different. In this type of plantation, the plants are supplemented by nutrients that are provided in a solution. These are synthetic and serve to increase plant growth.

  • Organic Gardening

This is the most common type of gardening that most people do at their homes. It includes caring for plants using organic means, such as water and plain compost. This mode of plantation does not depend on synthetic components to grow plants.

  • Using Straw Bale

Straw bale gardening uses straw bale as a place to plant some seeds which then grow into small plants. This is for the people who are short on space to plant certain things. It is also a good option because straw bale is extremely cheap, with a high success rate.

  • Permaculture

This sophisticated branch of gardening creates a plant environment that can support itself in the absence of any external factors. This tries to make a supportive ecosystem for the plants to grow in.

  • Terrariums

Terrariums in Singapore have quickly gained popularity as the best things to buy as a present for someone special. This is because of their easy customization and the almost nonexistent care required.

Terrarium workshops are also classes that corporate office-goers take in groups as a way to relieve stress after long weeks at work.

  • Wall planters

This is an extremely good option for people who live in apartment buildings or small, cramped places. Wall planters are not only beautiful but also serve to freshen up a place. 

One of their most fun qualities is that they need not only have flowers in them. You can plant almost anything you like in them, such as vegetables or cacti.

Why has gardening changed so much?

As the population has increased, the demand for food and medicine has also increased by several hundredfold. This led to a shortage of resources, with famines raging across the world for many years in between.

But with many technological and scientific advances made in recent years, agriculture and horticulture have developed to an astonishing degree. From increasing the amount of fruit produced to increasing the size of the individual fruit, from healthier crops to crossing different breeds with one another, there is nothing that agriculturists can not do anymore.

Benefits of gardening:

Gardening is one of those things that is so beneficial that it feels absolutely crazy to not leap at the chance of taking it up at the first chance. So, what are these benefits that we talk of when talking about plants?

  • Soothing
  • Relaxes you
  • Releases endorphins
  • Gives fruit and vegetables 
  • Is a good pastime
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Useful for shade in the summers

The takeaway

Gardening in its modern form is completely different from the older forms of horticulture. This is because of the technological advancements made in recent years.

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