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This Tweet Might Include Sensitive Content in 2022

Have you ever questioned a Twitter error warning that states, “This Tweet may contain sensitive content”?

How to turn off Twitter-sensitive content settings? This post will demonstrate how to turn off or disable the Twitter-sensitive setting that blocks sensitive Content on Twitter. So if you go to Twitter and try to view adult material violence, it is blocked.

In this post, I will show you how to turn it off so that it will be shown. So if you are using the Twitter app on an android phone, there is no way to turn off this setting and allow sensitive Content from the app.

How to disable Tweet may contain sensitive Content

You will now know how to remove or rather how to switch off sensitive Content on Twitter.

If you get a one error notification while you read one of your Twitter friend tweets which shows, “This Tweet might include sensitive content.” So what is the meaning of this notification?

So if your friend may post-accident related Content, then the Twitter team does not show their original Content. If you access such types of Content, they will only show sensitivity error messages.

So, how do you disable this sensitive content notification from your iPhone?

Therefore if you are an iPhone or android user, then follow the steps:

So you need to be:

  • Open up the browser on our iPhone or android phone. This can be the “Safari browser” or “chrome browser” that navigates to and then logs into your account.
  • Once you are logged in, there are two settings you need to change.
  • Select your profile image next to the home in the top left, then scroll down and select “settings” and “privacy.”
  • Once you are in settings and Privacy, select “privacy” and “safety.”
  • The first section you need to go to is the “content” that you will see.
  • You will see at the top it says “display media” that may contain sensitive Content you want to make sure that is checked.
  • Then on the Content, you will see a page.
  • Scroll down to the search settings, and you need to make sure that hide sensitive Content is turned off.
  • So uncheck the first option for hiding sensitive Content.
  • You will then do so, and you can select the back button and then hit home in the bottom left.
  • Then you will be able to see sensitive Content on Twitter.
  • So, that’s how you turn off the Twitter-sensitive content setting on an iPhone or android phone.

Why does Twitter state that this Tweet may contain sensitive material?

You are always curious to know why Twitter states that the tweet may contain sensitive material whenever you receive an error message. This is because the user has acknowledged that the posted material has sensitive Content.

Any user that tweets “Not Safe For Work” has posted sensitive Content. They have the possibility of having their account banned if they don’t. You may find this security setting under your Twitter account’s privacy and safety settings. Browsing to Settings and privacy > Privacy and safety > Safety > will bring you there. Tweet content that you’ve marked as potentially sensitive.

Someone who flags their media tweets as sensitive is probably regularly sharing NSFW material. The error notice prevents users from viewing Content they do not want to. To modify that setting, toggle it on or off under your Privacy and security settings.

Why am I unable to view private stuff on Twitter?

Twitter’s “Display media that may contain sensitive content” setting is disabled, so you can’t see any sensitive material there.

On Twitter, individuals who submit NSFW content identify their messages as sensitive.

You probably wouldn’t be able to see classified as sensitive material as much as “Display content that may include sensitive material” is enabled.

How can I view private information on the Tweet?

You must enable the “Display media that may contain sensitive content” setting to see sensitive material on the Tweet. The “Material you view” option can be used to do this. But, if you’re accessing Twitter on the browser, you could only locate this setting there.

If you’re utilizing the Twitter app on a smartphone, you won’t be capable of finding it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are all my tweets marked as sensitive?

Answer: Twitter will flag the material as sensitive information if the Content is stationary Content, such as a picture or a gif. Twitter automatically activates the sensitive setting if the profile hasn’t already been designated.

How do I turn off Twitter sensitivity?

Answer: Visit the webpage, tap on More, choose Settings and Privacy, navigate to Privacy and safety, and click Content you view to remove the sensitive content notice from the results. Last but not least, select Search settings and deselect the option next to Hide Sensitive Content.

Why can’t I see sensitive Content on Twitter on my iPhone?


  • Step 1: Click on Settings and Privacy from the navigation bar icon on the top-left side.
  • Step 2: From the slide option, select Privacy and safety options.
  • Step 3: The “Show material that may include sensitive content” option can be found under the Security section.

Final Verdict

Individuals can classify the materials they post as sensitive because certain stuff on Twitter may be NSFW. You must choose the “Display media that may include delicate content” checkbox under the “Material you see” setting to see sensitive media.

Additionally, this will eliminate the warning that “This Tweet may contain sensitive content.” Nevertheless, you must uncheck it if you don’t wish to see sensitive Content.

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