Twitter Acquires a Newsletter Publishing Platform Revue

Twitter Acquires a Newsletter Publishing Platform Revue

Twitter announced on Tuesday that it had acquired a newsletter publishing platform for publishers and writers, Revue.

Twitter is a popular social media platform where people can get many followers via sharing pieces of their thoughts in tweets. Writers, leaders, marketers, influencers, and more use this excellent platform to link with their audience and build trust among them. People turn to other mediums to publish more content to satisfy their audience. The main reason for this is that Twitter allows only 280 characters to tweet.

The integration of Twitter with Revue will provide a desirable place for authors and writers while offering an easy way for publishers and audiences to find each other.

Revue is a Dutch company founded in 2015 and has only 6 employees. It is a service that offers a platform to everyone for easy publication and monetization of their newsletters. The writers earn money through their newsletter subscriptions, and Revue keeps a 6% share from the newsletter revenue.

Revue’s acquisition’s prime reason is to aid both platforms concurrently driving increased conversations. Allowing users to find and connect with authors easily, plus enabling them to subscribe to their favorite writer’s newsletters directly via Twitter. Also, writers can direct users to their personal, longer content and generate conversations with new settings.

Twitter provides an environment for publishers to generate and share their content and gather more audience. For this purpose, Twitter has made certain changes and added new settings, like free access to all the Revue’s Premium features. Besides free access to features, Twitter also lowered Revue’s cut on newsletters to 5% to gain new writers’ attention.

In addition to these changes, Twitter is also planning to hire more members to the Revue team. The aim is to hire more data scientists, engineers, and researchers responsible for creating conversational experiences revolving around Twitter’s long-form content, thereby lifting the platform to higher levels.

Kayvon Beykpour (Product Head of Twitter) and Mike Park (VP of Publisher Products) wrote in a blog post that “All the journalists, publishers, thought leaders, authors, and more, are welcome to join the platform.” Beykpour and Park added, “If writers manage to convert more users into subscribers, they can expect reasonable payment compensation.” They also suggested that the company continuously develop new strategies to support publishers and develop new ways to earn more money, perhaps with alternative revenue streams.

The incorporation puts Twitter in competition with Substack, a rival platform of Revue. Substack is growing with leaps and bounds over time, and the addition of the latest reader feature has made it a more strong competitor. But the integration with Twitter has made it possible for Revue to compete with Substack effectively.

Various social media platforms like Youtube, BigoLive, TikTok and more, help their top-ranked users to generate more revenue from the content they create. Even though these inducements can be highly remunerative and gain the attention of a large number of content creators, Twitter has not offered such lucrative deals to its users. But by providing a way to earn more income, Twitter’s goal is to attract a dedicated base of active and engaging users, plus increase its revenue.

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