Vowels dubai Review – Why is That The Best Creative Branding Agency in 2022?

Vowels Review:

Do you want to build your own brand identity? If that is the case, we have something special for you. Nowadays, brand identity is really important as brands need to separate themselves from their competition. This is especially hard for a newer brand as they cannot set themselves apart from the rest of the crowd. There need to be some thought processes, ideas, and strategies that can help create a new journey for your brand.

This is exactly what Vowels offers to its users. So, today we will look into Vowels and its services and determine whether they’re worth the effort.

What are Vowels?

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Vowels is a branding agency that is based in Dubai. Their main goal is to provide brands with a distinct brand identity with which they can set themselves apart from the competition and attract more customers. They use discovery sessions to create strategies that are used to grow your brand and move it in the right direction. The best thing about Vowels is that it consists of people with experience in strategizing and designing.

You can rest assured with Vowels that they will provide you with the best strategy according to your brand. They strategize, share thoughts and ideas, and take the necessary risks to devise a better journey for your brand. Creativity is at the center of everything that Vowels do so that you can ensure the best creative results. Vowels have worked with many small brands and even Fortune 500 companies as well. So, if you are looking for the best creative solutions to the brand problems, then Vowels has everything you need.


Vowels provide the brand with a lot of different services. Some of the core services of Vowels are:

1- Developing Brand Strategy

One of the best things about Vowels is that it develops a brand strategy specific to your brand. To have an edge over your competitors, the strategists present at Vowels create a brand framework for you that helps in aligning all of the systems, ideas, and principles in a single place. At first, there is a discovery session, and then the brand attributes are developed. After it has been completed, the brand is given a personality and positioning. In the end, the only thing that remains is to make way for the verbal and visual identities of the brand.

2- Logo Designing

A logo is probably the most important and noticeable part of a brand. It is with the logo that you can easily recognize a brand. So this makes it a very important thing, and that is why Vowels takes special care when designing the logo for a brand. Many things go into the logo design process, such as research, brand image, feel, etc. Vowels, create a logo that best represents your brand in the most effective way possible.

3- Rebranding

If you are already running a brand and not satisfied with the performance, then with the help of Vowels, you can completely revamp your brand. They will help you in brand auditing and work for a fresher look for your brand. One of the best things about Vowels is that they provide you with certain guidelines in which you should take your brand. They not only redefine your brand but also refine it at the same time. In this way, your brand can give off to the people and get the best engagement.

4- Brand Identity

The most important part of any brand is its identity. Every brand needs to have a really powerful identity as it helps brands distinguish themselves from their competitors. If you don’t have a solid brand identity, then Vowels first understands your brand’s nature and helps you create a strong and unique brand identity. They also work on photography, logo, visual schemes, etc., to make your brand stand out.

5- Brand Guidelines

A brand needs to know what it is. Vowels provide you with brand guidelines that act as a manual for your brand. This is important as it helps you better understand the brand and its assets. All of the things are covered in these guidelines so that the brand maintains its unique identity and never loses its focus. If you ever feel that you’re in some trouble, Vowels will help you get out of that sticky situation.

6- Packaging Design

Packaging is one of the most important things for a brand as it also represents the brand. That is why Vowels focuses on the bag you put your products in and the tags you attach, etc. With your brand’s identity in mind, the designer team at Vowels helps you design the packaging for your brand. This is amazing as you can also represent your brand’s uniqueness through the packaging.

7-Packaging Guidelines

There are also packaging guidelines that are provided by Vowels as well. This is to ensure uniformity across the brand. As the designing team finishes the product’s design, the graphic artists start working on the colors, font, styles, and proportions to set a unique tonality. This is important because it provides your brand with a unique look visually appealing to the customers.


  • Strong Brand Strategy
  • Guidelines are really useful
  • Good Brand Growth
  • Better Sales
  • Good Customer Support


  • None

Final Verdict:

So, if you own a brand and want to change the brand’s identity completely, then Vowels is probably the best place. They have experts present that will make a strong strategy for your brand and provide you with a unique brand identity that helps it differ from others. On the other hand, they can also help you revamp your existing brand and give it a new identity. They also provide you with handy guidelines. If you are looking for branding, then Vowels is your one-stop solution.

For sustained brand growth, it is necessary to have a unique identity; that is exactly what Vowels aims to bring to the brands. Overall, if you are looking for a complete solution to all of your brand problems, Vowels is probably one of the best branding agencies.


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