Zappix Visual IVR Review – Best Digital and Visual Self-Service Technology in 2022

Zappix Visual IVR Review 2022

Do you require a cutting-edge digital and visual self-service customer support solution that allows consumers to quickly solve their customer support issues on their own? Today’s digital customer support interactions must be flexible and quick enough to suit customers’ hectic schedules. So, when waiting for an elevator, taking rideshare to their next location, or taking a lunch break, everyone, including you, expects on-demand, easy to access  solutions.

Zappix transforms customer service interactions from voice encounters to visual experiences with On-Demand visual self-service solutions that resolve customer inquiries, improve customer experience, reduce costs, and grow revenues. Their cloud-based solutions enable work-flow automation, rapid deployments, seamless integration to IVRs & back-end systems, and provide a comprehensive Analytics Suite.


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Zappix Visual IVR is a ground-breaking digital and visual self-service technology that allows consumers to quickly manage their customer care problems on their own, wherever they are, without getting lost in complex audio IVR menu trees or speaking with a Call Center Representative (CSR).

When callers connect with an IVR equipped with Zappix Visual IVR, they are provided with an option to use self-service. When they choose it, the caller receives a text message with a link to the Visual IVR. The customer then resolves the reason they called using their mobile phone, all in simple to use visual menus.

Zappix Visual IVR delivers engaging visual experiences to customers calling in to a business’ traditional IVR line.. By redefining the customer journey with easy-to-use, modest digital customer service tools, Zappix promotes customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Year Founded: 2011

Official Website:

Customer Rating: 5*

Origin: Burlington, MA

Zappix Visual IVR Benefits

1- Simplify your CX

Zappix Visual IVR menus complement complex and cumbersome voice IVR trees. Humans are naturally are visual beings. Visual interfaces that make interactions easy, engaging, and fast can deliver more information in less time than traditional IVRs reading off customer service details. To modernize the customer experience and achieve more effective resolutions, add attractive CX to your traditional IVR.


2- Quicker responses

Zappix Visual IVR drastically lowers the average handling time for inbound customer service calls. Customers can answer their queries up to 6 times faster with intuitive visual interfaces and end-to-end automation compared to traditional voice IVR systems alone. Next-level speed and lower AHT results in significantly happier customers and improved loyalty. Legacy IVR is transformed into modern convenience using Visual IVR.


3- Improve Employee Experience

Visual IVR boosts call containment and diverts repetitive, tiresome calls away from busy customer care agents. Reduce agent fatigue by relieving contact center agents of these tedious calls. With Zappix Visual IVR, your CSR staff can focus on difficult, high-value conversations that need agent skills and human empathy, increasing employee satisfaction, reducing burnout, and lowering agent churn.


Visual IVR Features

Visual IVR opens lines of communication and brings modern, digital interfaces, and straightforward experiences to the modern customer service center. Their additional features include;


  • Self-service

Their integrated Visual IVR and sophisticated digital forms empower customers to address customer care concerns independently.


  • Omni-channel

The heart of Visual IVR — what Zappix calls “On-Demand Apps”  can be deployed via any digital channel. Provide better customer experiences via voice IVR, email, text messaging, website widgets, and other methods to customers using their smartphones, tablet, or computer.


  • Digital device capabilities

Zappix’s visual interfaces leverage the digital devices consumers use every day. Smart forms adapt in real-time to user needs, integrated signature panels allow for ID verification, video playback and geolocation integrations make user experiences extremely informational and helpful. Other advantages include document download capabilities and a one-click add to calendar feature.


  • Brand Identity

Ensure that each Visual IVR menu reflects the same brand and messaging as the other materials you already provide to clients.


  • Multilingual

Zappix Visual IVR is multilingual and may be used in any language, making it adaptable to whatever market you do business in.


  • User Analytics

With automated user behavior tracking throughout every visual experience, you can observe how customers are using the solution, identify areas of improvement, and even add use cases over time (the company claimes new solutions are implemented in under 4 weeks and modifications can be completed in 1-2 days)..


  • Contextual transfers

If clients want to talk with a live person, all information given to Zappix Visual IVR may be effortlessly transferred to agents’ CRM.


Zappix e-books

1- The Power of Visual IVR

Visual IVR is a digital & visual self-service solution for consumers interacting with businesses, bringing massive savings while improving customer experience. When callers connect with an IVR equipped with Zappix Visual IVR, they are provided with an option to use self-service. When they choose it, the caller receives a text message with a link to the Visual IVR. The customer then resolves the reason they called using their mobile phone, all in simple to use visual menus.


2- Four Pillars of Successful Visual IVR

Modern enterprises know a new CX solution is needed to bridge the gap between customer expectations and current CX. Zappix focuses on four main pillars with their Visual IVR solution: Speed, Simplicity, Mobility, and Automation.

Why is Zappix’s Visual IVR Service the best?

An industry leader, Zappix has been innovating customer service for years.. With over 45 brands from industries like retail & e-commerce, insurance, fintech, logistics and services, and more they’ve proven success for many different types of customers. .

New solutions launch in under 4 weeks and can be modified and improved over time quickly and easily. With limited IT team involvement necessary and end-to-end automation seamlessly integrated to back end systems, Zappix Visual IVR easily complements existing solutions and causes practically zero operational disruptions as it delivers lightning fast ROI. Zappix clearly stands behind their mission to create better customer experiences as their white glove services deliver improved CX to consumers and a pleasant experience for their own clients as well.


  • Thanks to rapid solutions and user-friendly interfaces, Zappix Visual IVR interactions have an average Net Promoter Score of over 82.
  • More calls are deflected away from contact centers and customer care employees with 75% call containment rates on average.
  • Cost savings and automated Visual IVR engagements result in more effective resolutions while your contact center costs are reduced.
  • Smart self-service can assist in addressing customer service issues and reduce average handle time (AHT) by reducing average handle time (AHT).


  • None to be found.


For pricing details, contact Zappix through their contact page.

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Final Words

Converting callers from voice to visualdevelops more tailored and responsive communication that connects directly with customers via the digital devices they love using. Zappix visual self-service solutions provide engaging experiences for all types of customers while relieving employees of tedious tasks. The service is modular, so we recommend starting by implementing Visual IVR for 1-2 most common call types and expanding the service once it proves successful.

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