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15+ Best Medicare Leads Providers in 2023

Are you trying to find yourself the top Medicare leads?

Do you wish to cover your medical costs?

Do you wish to overcome financial stress while ill?

If yes read this article thoroughly, we will provide you with the best Medicare companies to accommodate you during illness.


In today’s fast-paced society, when new viruses are emerging daily and people are becoming ill, health insurance is something that must not be taken lightly. Covid 19 Pandemic has had a negative impact on people’s lives all across the world, and as a result, it has changed how people think; they are now more concerned about medical insurance. They require financial help in case of an unforeseen disaster and a backup plan for their health issues. They choose companies that offer health insurance for this reason. and picked the ideal strategy for them. We can claim that health insurance is unavoidable in the modern period when we take into account the demands of the moment.

What are Medicare leads?

Any customer looking for a quality health insurance plan is referred to as a Medicare lead. People over the age of 65 are mainly included in them. The majority of people are aware of it and choose the health insurance option that best suits their needs. Those who are really interested in having health insurance and are concerned about unplanned crises. They have everything planned out and want to improve and improve the quality of life for themselves and their loved ones.

However, Medicare officials also refer to people of a younger age with multiple disabilities who want to ensure that they have access to all medical facilities in the event of an emergency or even planned treatments. People with illnesses like renal problems who are looking for a cheap insurance plan are regarded as qualified.

Benefits of Medicare Leads:

Medicare Leads should be purchased by everybody who qualifies. Every time something happens, it is more akin to a guarantee for medical care. It has a variety of benefits depending on the plan you choose for yourself and whether you qualify for it. Medicare relieves you from anxiety and a lot of stress. With the help of its plans and services, you can live a stress-free life knowing that all aspects of your medical care are in control and that you won’t have to worry about money in case of emergencies.

Many people do not have any plans and take their health for granted. When something pertaining to your health needs to be done immediately, this causes a lot of stress and anxiety. This is a huge waste of your time and energy because you would spend most of the time trying to figure out how to handle everything while also putting your life in danger by searching for medical professionals. Nothing is more important than your health, so nothing at the cost of your life is ever worth it!

Best Medical Leads Providing Companies in 2023

Here is the list of Best Medical Leads Providing Companies in 2022 and 2023:

  1. 247virtualsolution
  2. ExclusiveTelemarketingLeads
  3. Leadsconcepts
  4. TeleLeadsAgency
  6. Lead Heroes
  7. NextGen Leads
  8. ProspectsForAgents
  9. InsureMe
  10. Facebook – Medicare Leads
  11. Fiver – Medicare Leads
  12. Linkedin – Medicare Leads

1. 247virtualsolution:


247 Virtual Solution is a prominent provider of inbound and outbound call center and digital marketing services based in the United States. They aim to offer round-the-clock, best-in-class services to clients from all over the world. They offer professional assistance for survey work, final expense leads, Medicare leads, inbound, outbound, and direct response calls, as well as fundraising, call scoring, data entry, email marketing, social media management, and website building.

And If we talk about their Medicare leads, they offer a number of methods to get the best medical leads for you. Their methods include live transfer leads, telemarketing expert Medicare leads, direct mails Medicare leads, code callings, referrals, google ads, and educating leads. Health Insurance Leads are for people who are mindful of life’s uncertainties and appreciate the value of health insurance. 

They are mainly concerned with being able to pay for their medical expenses. But since so many people are ignorant of the advantages of medical insurance, even the biggest agencies have trouble finding qualified leads. Any agency or organization can have qualified leads in a number of ways thanks to 247virtualsolution. The clients find the perfect plan for themselves, exactly what they were looking for, and the business receives a qualified lead, making it a win-win situation.

If you’re looking for the best Medicare leads, you’ve come to the correct place because 247 Virtual Solution provides exceptional services at a low cost. They will always make an attempt to generate leads for you because they have the best experience and technology, which is all you require.

They provide 24/7 customer service. Within a minute, they will answer your text, phone call, or email. Their cost is affordable and acceptable when compared to those of other agencies on the market. So seize the chance right away.

2. Exclusive TelemarketingLeads:


 You have reached the right spot if you’re seeking the greatest healthcare leads for your company or for yourself; TeleLeadsAgency is the ideal option. Various projects, including Medicare, final expenses, life insurance, etc., are currently being worked on by it. It is a firm based in the US that offers services to find leads for final expenses.

Many businesses have seen a rise in Medicare leads as a result of their pressing necessity and current demands. Lead generation is crucial and cannot be disregarded in the health sector because there is an increasing need for medical insurance and an increasing number of businesses providing this service.

 By creating and converting Medicareleads, increasing return on investment, and giving you a steady flow of high-caliber clients, TeleLeadsAgency’s lead generation skills will assist you in growing your Medicare agency. Additionally, they guarantee openness and 24-hour customer support to take note of your worries. When compared to those of other agencies on the market, their prices are reasonable and fair. Get their lead if you find them to be useful.

3. Leadsconcepts:


Lead Concepts provides exclusive Medicare leads, such as Medicare T65 Leads, Medicare Advantage Leads, and Medicare Supplement Leads. After 30 years in the direct mail business, they believe that they are the best at supplying healthcare leads. Lead Concepts has optimized its marketing lead services by remaining updated, modifying its tactics, and utilizing ongoing research efforts. As Baby Boomers reach qualifying requirements, there are numerous prospects for agents in the Medicare market right now.

In America, there are a lot of Baby Boomers, and every day, about 10,000 people become eligible for Medicare benefits. They are equipped with the information and skills necessary to identify clients who qualify for the particular insurance policies you want to offer. They are familiar with your customer base, from DSNPs to Medicare. They may even predict whether they would be more interested in a particular plan, such as Medicare Advantage HMO vs. PPO, based on demographic information like their income level, age, and marital status.   

Medicare leads are plentiful now that Medicare for All has been implemented for those who know how to obtain them. Fortunately, this gives insurance agents a chance to receive leads from professionals like them. Similarly, Lead Concepts is here to give the best product with consistency and care, whether it be Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) leads, leads targeting individuals who are newly eligible, or D-SNP leads. Moreover, they have the best customer support system, providing 24/7 customer care. If you find it feasible for you, get their leads now.

4. TeleLeadsAgency:


If you are a Medicare agent or a business looking for top-notch Medicare Leads, you have come to the right spot. Another trustworthy site for lead service providers is TeleLeadsAgency. It is a company with American roots that offer services to acquire various kinds of leads.

Over the past few years, purchasing an Expense has come to be the sole source of expansion for many growing Medicare lead businesses. Lead generation is crucial for the medical industry and cannot be disregarded because there is a growing need for health cost insurance and an increasing number of businesses providing this service.

With the support of TeleLeadsAgency’s lead generation capabilities, you can grow your final expense agency by creating and converting final expense leads, boosting your return on investment, and getting a steady flow of high-caliber customers. Additionally, they guarantee openness and 24-hour customer support to take note of your worries. Get their lead if you find them to be useful.



Need-a-Lead can provide you with exclusive Medicare Advantage leads through our proven lead generation campaigns if you are a health insurance agent, insurance marketing organization (IMO), or insurance firm. NEED-A-LEAD is a highly regarded US-based firm that offers the greatest Medicare leads. If you work for an insurance company, IMO, or insurance agency, Need-A-Lead may provide you with access to a list of Medicare leads so you can close more sales of Medicare insurance. Access to fresh leads is essential for maximizing your potential in the health insurance sector.

At Need-a-Lead, they offer turnkey direct mail campaigns to generate Medicare advantage leads through customizable and attractive mailers. The process is simple: all you have to do is tell them about your business, including the target area and demographic, and they will use legal public information, such as the Census Bureau, driver files, and voter registration files to find prospects. 

Need-A-Lead offers four different mailer formats, including cards, bi-folds, postcards, and tri-folds, making it easier to reach your target market. You can fully customize their system by selecting the target area, demographics (such as age, income, and gender), lead piece to use, and the number of mailings. You can secure lead flows by placing ad hoc orders or setting up standing orders. There are endless options available, chose the option feasible to you.

6. Lead Heroes:

Lead Heroes

Lead Heroes is a company situated in the United States that supplies you with the greatest Medicare supplements leads. Utilize their top-notch, inexpensive, and call-verified insurance leads to maximize your lead flow. Lead Heroes specializes in putting you (or your reps) in front of clients every day, so you don’t have to bother about prospecting. There is no requirement to buy their leads.

The Medicare Supplement firm raises rates for the elderly every year, often twice. These crushing rate increases are simply unaffordable for seniors living on fixed incomes. They are fortunate to have access to standardized Medigap plans that can help them save money without compromising their benefits. This gives Medicare Supplement agents the chance to inform seniors about how Medicare functions and contrast the variations between well-liked plans like F, G, and N in order to help seniors save money on their monthly Medigap bills.

But in order to inform seniors about Medicare and assist them in choosing the best plan, you must first get in front of them, which necessitates a trustworthy lead source. They also offer round-the-clock customer support to address any of your issues at any time. so if you are looking for insurance for medical supplements, don’t miss this worthy opportunity.

7. NextGen Leads:

NextGen Leads

NextGen Leads is a health and Medicare insurance lead company situated in San Diego that was formed in 2014. The company is run by industry professionals with agency ownership experience who founded the company to provide a better offering than what they experienced as lead buyers themselves. a vision that was created with an emphasis on technology, lead quality, service, and price transparency.

Right now, NextGen provides live leads for individual health and Medicare supplement insurance. Leads are accessible in bulk for all US areas, ranging from individual producers to carrier-level lead purchasers. NextGen Leads are generated in-house and given in real-time. Buyers may target the most qualified leads by using a variety of criteria for each vertical and lead category. NextGen Leads features a distinct campaign creation and lead pricing strategy that has been favorably appreciated by clients.

The business categorizes and filters incoming leads into three quality tiers, and it enables customers to design lead-buying campaigns depending on preferred quality tiers. In terms of lead price, NextGen employs a pay-per-click style auction model that offers the best value for purchasers regardless of the local market. Lead buyers specify a budget and the highest price they will pay per lead when using the auction pricing model. When a lead is delivered, the buyer only pays the next highest bidder one penny extra. so if it would be helpful, follow their lead right away.

8. ProspectsFor Agents:

ProspectsFor Agents

ProspectsForAgents is a Canadian company that specialised in serving insurance professionals. The business runs a platform powered by Customer Acquisition Marketing (CAM) technology that links agents with potential customers. Auto, house, renter, life, and Medicare supplement leads are among the available products.

ProspectsFor Agents promises that all of its leads are original, fresh, never rehashed, and never oversold. Insurance leads are sourced from its network of SEO-optimized websites and verified for veracity. ProspectFor Agents offers lead purchasers the ability to filter leads based on region, demographics, and lifestyle. An auction methodology determines the price of ProspectFor Agents leads to ensure equitable pricing at a market price. Customers only need to enter their highest bid; the system will take care of the rest.

Their features include Real-time leads, advanced targeting, no contracts, a self-service account interface, credits for invalid leads, and choices for lead scheduling and pausing. Moreover, they are keen to provide high-quality leads and their support system is available 24/7 to address any of your issues. Go and get their leads right away.

9. InsureMe:


Agents from all around the country rely on the services of InsureMe for Agents, one of the oldest insurance lead companies in the industry (founded in 1993). This business has built a solid reputation for offering superior customer service and high-quality leads. InsureMe for Agents is a shared internet lead option for individuals who are sick of collecting insurance leads through more conventional techniques, such as telemarketing and direct mail.

The ability to communicate with hot leads via live transfer in real-time is one of the main advantages of joining this service. instruments for calculating your return on investment (ROI), No long-term commitments, sign-up costs, Free learning center, and custom filters to help you reach your target audience. Agent Connection Tool, a feature of InsureMe for Agents, offers a convenient way for agents to connect with prospects.

You can configure this function so that your account will “ring” each time a fresh lead is received. With this feature, you can instantly contact the customer and stop what you’re doing. InsureMe for Agents typically sells each lead to three insurance agents, though this isn’t always the case.

10. Facebook: Medicare Leads:

Facebook: Medicare Leads

Another significant social media site where many people advertise their talents and areas of expertise is Facebook. Numerous agencies and companies provide lead generation services on Facebook. Salespeople advertise their services on Facebook groups where customers can employ them. Experts and professionals offer their services for fair and affordable prices.

It moves along similar to the majority of Medicare leads. Facebook lead generation is becoming more and more popular because it produces leads in just a few weeks. Your Medicare lead should arrive in a week. Furthermore, it was less expensive before leads actually materialized. Due to Facebook’s size as a social media platform, you can find numerous qualified lead suppliers there at a reasonable price. The best Facebook Medicare leads, in a nutshell.

11. Fiver: Medicare Leads:

Fiverr: Medicare Leads

A large number of people offer their skills on Fiverr, a freelance marketplace with its headquarters in the US. In the modern era, where leads are a driving force for the industry, professionals are currently working for lead generation on this enormous Fiverr platform. If you’re looking for lead-generating services, you can search for your niche on Fiverr. There are a lot of vendors there offering their products and services at affordable prices. In their areas of specialization, they are giving it their all and finishing work of the highest caliber in no more than three to five days. For reasonable and low pricing, people are hiring professionals.

Experts are all available to generate leads and keep your market moving. They provide their customers with the greatest and most exceptional services. They are so sincere about their profession and specialty that it influences the ratings on their profiles. Since they are available around the clock, you can get in touch with them whenever you have a problem. Simply open your window, select the niche you want, and ping the greatest gigs!

12. Linkedin: Medicare Leads:

Linkedin: Medicare Leads

Professionals can connect with subject-matter experts on LinkedIn to fulfill their work-related needs. It is the top website for finding work, clients for your projects, and advertising your product. LinkedIn is trusted by all professionals across the world. Additionally, people use it to promote their companies and find the right clients.

The best site to generate leads is Linkedin. Here, agents interact with a variety of clients and businesses to produce quality leads. For Medicare leads, various businesses and agents network with one another, share ideas and shared interests, and ultimately decide to collaborate. So If you are looking for the best Medicare leads you can get them on LinkedIn also.


Here, we’ve provided you with a summary of the top websites that offer Medicare leads. Consequently, if you’re looking for a reliable source of income, investing in Medicare Leads is highly recommended. The methods needed for this, meanwhile, are considerably different from those for other kinds of businesses. You should concentrate on producing as many Medicare Leads as you can because they are related to insurance. The lead that has the most potential will yield the most results.

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