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30+ Best Travel Affiliate Programs in 2022

Travel is one of the most profitable associate niches out there. If you assist in promoting a holiday package, a flight, or maybe only a hotel room, you may be a part of a massive transaction. Even a single-digit commission fee may be worth loads of bucks consistent with the sale.

The travel niche is so competitive since it is profitable. If you want to surf through this affiliate marketing niche, you should know what practices and networks offer the best starting point. In this guide, you will get an introduction to the niche.

You will learn about some of the best networks and affiliation programs for various subnichics, including General Travel, Airlines, Hotels, and tourism. You will also see some of the best insurance and travel accessories programs that we have researched for your convenience. Before jumping into this article, we need to know the very basic question below.

What is a Travel Affiliate Program?

A travel affiliate program/network facilitates you to promote the products and services of travel companies via affiliate links. If anybody purchases these products or services using your link, you will be paid some great commission.

The commission you earn varies basically on the products or services that you recommend to the people. If one is clever enough, you can get a handsome amount of dollars from affiliate marketing.

What is a Travel Niche and the Affiliate Marketing?

Anybody who is a newbie in this field needs to know the difference in the beginning. The travel business is a lot bigger than it might appear at first glance. It deals not only with travel itself (though we will cover some networks and programs that deal with that specifically) but also with  Travel accommodations,  outdoor activities, and other accessories.

The affiliate promoters that populate this niche consist of travel bloggers to extreme sports enthusiasts who write about their favorite destinations.

One of the amazing things about the travel business is that you can layer many different offers into the same website or content.

e.g., if someone wants to travel somewhere, they’ll need somewhere to stay when they get there. You will also want some things to do. If you are smart, you can aid them in doing all these things from your website with a gentle distribution of affiliate links.

No matter what you choose to base your site around, you need to know where to start. Let’s look at how to find the best products for travel-based affiliate marketing.

How to Find the Best Travel Affiliate Programs?

If you want to find the best products online, you must start with the best distributors and networks. The resources provided by good-quality affiliate marketing programs can help you to stand up faster. One must ask himself:

  • How many options does the network/reseller offer you to contact support personnel?
  • What types of traders does the network attract?
  • What is the payment and cookie policy?
  • Good support can do a lot for you, including:
  •  Image and banner development
  • Consumer research and development
  • The cost of developing sales control tracking tools

In addition, it is necessary to succeed in any niche market that needs certain knowledge and information. Many travel bloggers are successful because their enthusiasm is infectious. People want more than just attractions—they want the happiness and miracles conveyed by travel blogs. However, sales require more than just communication; therefore, you want to work with a travel affiliate.

Welcome To the Travelling World:

You are obviously on the right page if you are on this platform and looking for the best and affordable travel affiliate program. We have spent hours researching different travel affiliate programs out there and picked out the best affordable and convenient ones.

Best Travel Affiliate Programs 2022: 

Here is the list of 20+ best Travel Affiliate Programs that you can use in 2022 2023

  1. Agoda Travel Affiliate Program
  2. TripAdvisor Travel Affiliate Program
  3. Travel Affiliate Program
  4. Amazon Associates Travel Affiliate Program
  5. Skyscanner Travel Affiliate Program.
  6. Cruise Direct Travel Affiliate Program
  7. ShareAsale Travel Affiliate Program
  8. Expedia Travel Affiliate Program
  9. Etsy Affiliate Program
  10. Sandals Resorts Travel Affiliate Program
  11.  World Nomads Travel Affiliate Program
  12. Kayak Travel Affiliate Program
  13. Wego Travel Affiliate Program
  14. Lonely Planet Travel Affiliate Program
  15. Hotels Combined Travel Affiliate Program
  16. Vrbo Travel Affiliate Program.
  17. FlipKey Travel Affiliate Program
  18. HomeAway Travel Affiliate Program
  19. Homestay Travel Affiliate Program
  20. Busbud Travel Affiliate Program.
  21. TrustedHousesitters Travel Affiliate Program.
  22. Hostelworld Travel Affiliate Program
  23. Airbnb Travel Affiliate Program

General travel affiliate programs are a great beginning point if your travel affiliate marketing site is focused on travel in an overall way. You can find many different programs to match the topics on your site. You can also network with other affiliate marketers.

The travel affiliate networks below are some of the best. They cover various products that would be helpful for readers of a travel blog or social media page.

1. Agoda – Travel Affiliate Program:

Agoda Affiliate Program

Agoda is considered the most trusted travel community globally, used by millions of people worldwide. This program enables people to find lodgings like motels, hotels, and resorts at the best prices, and it also provides good commissions and payouts to the affiliate website promoters.

Agoda provides huge access to properties and presently has access to over 900,000 properties around the world. Agoda provides access to hotel information data. As an affiliate promoter, one can access all the hotel information needed to promote your bookings and boost your commissions.

Earning through Agoda Affiliate Program:

Agoda gives affiliate promoters a 5% commission on each successful transaction (whether a lodge, hotel booking, or resort accommodation). That counts up almost each $200 booking at a commission rate of 5%, and you can earn $10 in affiliate commissions.

When and How to get payment by Agoda Affiliate Program?

The commissions are sent every month, and commission payments are calculated at the beginning of each month. If a guest visits your site and uses your affiliate tracking link to book an accommodation stay in January, the commission will be sent to your PayPal account in March.

Your affiliate payments are usually transferred by the 15th of the month once any promoter reaches the minimum commission of at least $200. If your commission is below $200, the payment will only be transferred until the minimum payout is reached.

2. TripAdvisor – Travel Affiliate Program:


TripAdvisor is one of the programs that are decades old and present in the list. It is one of the most popular sites for traveling and accommodation-related restaurant bookings worldwide, used by thousands of people globally.

TripAdvisor affiliate program provides you International affiliates. If you are a traveling blogger or a travel affiliate, you must know that TripAdvisor is not only limited to a single country. It has a worldwide reach, and global customers use their websites for accommodation bookings and the best travel dealings.

It also provides you deep link text generator feature. TripAdvisor has one of the biggest deep linking systems that enable you to easily find many useful and relevant travel affiliate products that help you obtain more commissions. It also provides you access to its textual ads and banners that anybody can use to obtain deep exposure to their travel-related programs.

Earning Through TripAdvisor Affiliate Program:

You can earn up to 50% commission on every successful transaction you make through your affiliate referral links provided from TripAdvisor.

50% commission is the standard profit provided by TripAdvisor. One can make up to 80% affiliate profit depending upon the transaction payment value and the type of product/company you promote via your travel websites.

It provides great commission payouts and it is also popular among travel bloggers worldwide to make money by offering products and companies, hotels, bookings, accommodations, etc., via TripAdvisor.

When and how to get paid by the TripAdvisor affiliate program?

TripAdvisor transfers payments every month. If you are able to make a successful sale in January, your commission is usually sent to your PayPal account in March. Even if you live somewhere else than the US, you can still promote their products to earn more money online.

3. – Travel Affiliate Program: is probably the most popular online accommodation platform. Millions of people use it to book hotels and accommodations online, so you are likely to earn huge commissions through’s affiliate program.’s affiliate program provides over 1.2 million rooms are booked through every day. This is a crazy amount of bookings, isn’t it? That means you have a good chance to earn big profits by promoting hotels and accommodations through the platform.

This affiliate marketing program provides you with various promotional tools to help your hotel stays earn more profits via your website. They provide their users with banner ads, search boxes, transaction finders, WordPress plugins, etc., to promote their stays in hotels.

Earn Through Travel Affiliate Program:

You can get up to 25% commission, and you will indeed receive 25% of the commission charged by for each booking. The longer you stay (the person who booked the room through your referral link), the higher your commission will be. It’s that simple. Based on the number of bookings you make in a month, you can earn up to 40%.

When and how to get payment Through Travel Affiliate Program?

Payment is usually made via PayPal one month after the hotel confirms that the guest has completed the stay (use your referral link to complete the accommodation transaction).

4. Amazon Associates – Travel Affiliate Program:


As a travel affiliate promoter, you promote many travel equipment, camping, jackets, tents, etc. This is where you may start to explore the world’s largest online affiliate platform, Amazon associates. This travel affiliate program is with nearly 1 million affiliate promoters promoting affiliate products by their sites.

Amazon is the world’s biggest online platform, where you can promote millions of products, from toys to outdoor travel, camping to digital SLR cameras. Amazon pre-packages links and banners for various travel-related products, and you can use them on your website to advertise effectively. The good news is that all your links have your membership tags, and you can get profit through these referral links, so you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Earning Through Amazon Associate Program:

Amazon gives you 4%, which is standard commission. This commission is the same for most of its purchases, but sometimes the profit varies from one product to another.

Below is the list of commission margins for different products you may promote using the Amazon Associates Travel Affiliate Program.

  • 2.50% for PC, PC Components, DVD, and Blu-Ray.
  • 1.00% for Video Games and Video Game Consoles.
  • 2.00% for Televisions and Digital Video Games.
  • 3.00% for Toys.
  • 4.00% for Amazon Fire Tablet Devices, Dash Buttons, and Amazon Kindle Devices.
  • 4.00% for Digital Music, Grocery, Physical Music, Handmade and Digital Videos, etc.
  • 4.00% for all other categories on the website:

When and how to get paid by Amazon Associates Affiliate Program?

When your balance reaches the minimum amount, it will pay all commissions monthly. If you charged $100 in January, you would receive it at the end of March.

5. Skyscanner –  Travel Affiliate Program:


Skyscanner is a worldwide travel website that allows readers to compare fares for various accommodation means like flights, car hire services, motels, and hotels. If you are a part of the affiliate program, you can get a great payment from each booking made via the website.

Affiliates are provided with travel search engines, banner ads, and customizable affiliate referral links to attract users/readers to the Skyscanner website. Travel and accommodation websites, blogs, social media groups, providing websites, and other websites can be applied.

It allows you to book flights in the widget option in the sidebar of the website. It is trustworthy and one of the best-detailed reference systems, allowing users to start using Skyscanner easily. It also supports travel services, hotel services, other reservations, and car rentals. Isn’t this a perfect opportunity for you to endure and enjoy your travel? Anybody can also download this application on your mobile phone to make it easier for you. Hope you will like these services and despair of Skyscanner.

Earning Through Skyscanner Affiliate Program:

The commission for each transaction is 20% of Skyscanners sales. By putting their referral link on your affiliate site, you can get great benefits. If someone uses these links to book travel accommodations, hotels, motels, restaurants, hotels, and rooms, you will receive commission income at the same price. The more reference resources the sponsor creates, the greater the chance of making big money.

When and How to Get Payment by Skyscanner Affiliate Program?

They pay their users in the first month. Whenever anybody completes their minimum payment threshold of 100$, the income is transferred to PayPal or direct bank.

6. Cruise Direct – Travel Affiliate Program:


CruiseDirect is considered one of the largest developing and leading online websites for accommodation booking, cruises, and other traveling essentials. It also pays you high commissions based on total sales.

CruiseDirect provides frequent discounts and bonus commissions to its affiliate sponsors through the weekly newsletter. The affiliate marketing program provides access to advertising tools such as banners, text ads, search engine boxes (and personalized landing pages to increase conversion rates) to promote offers on your platforms or social media pages through CruiseDirect to get a high amount of commission.

Earning Through CruiseDirect Affiliate Program:

As an affiliate, you get a 3% commission through CruiseDirect. CruiseDirect has a 45 days cookie time duration, which can help you earn more commissions from affiliate reference links on the website. It usually takes 24 hours to activate your member account (they will send you the same email). Once approved, you can start to promote their products to earn more profits.

When and how to get payment by the Cruise Direct affiliate program?

All your earned profits are paid monthly, with a minimum threshold of $25. This means that you will only get paid if your earnings exceed $25. For example, if anybody has made $50 in the first month, your commissions will be sent to your PayPal account in the third month. CruiseDirect pays you all profits on the day of sale and when they receive affiliate commissions from suppliers (e.g., travel accommodations, hotels, resorts, etc.).

7. ShareAsale – Travel Affiliate Program:


ShareASale is an online affiliate marketing network that has existed for more than 20 years. It is one of the largest in the world. You can work with more than 15,000 distributors, including travel brands such as Viator, Eastern Mountain, Cotopaxi, RoamRight, and sports, etc. Affiliates can access custom affiliate link tools and automatic reports for tracking performance.

It offers its users great information about various means of transports, accommodations, affordable rental places, tours, and tickets at attractive rates. Most of the popular airline services provided by ShareAsale are Qatarairways, Emirates, Agoda, Riu Hotels, and much more. These services could justify why it is one of the oldest and most stable affiliates marketing networks.

Earning Through ShareAsale Affiliate Program:

As an affiliate Program Promoter, one can get a commission of up to 50% worth it.  ShareAsale has 45 days cookie time duration, which can help you earn more profits from affiliate reference links that you put on the website. In very few cases, the merchant determines the commission value for the specific offers. I

When and how to get payment by ShareAsale Affiliate Program?

If you are not familiar with this, you should get it without wasting more time because it is easier to reach the least payout of 100$ than any other affiliate program. The payment method is direct bank transfer, Wire transfer, and Payoneer.

8. Expedia – Travel Affiliate Program:


Expedia is the largest affiliate network, with access to more than 500,000 hotels globally, and you can recommend these hotels on travel sites to earn more profits and commissions. The Expedia affiliate program gives its customers the biggest travel facilities where you can recommend more than 5 lac hotels and 400 airline services, which is too huge.

Expedia offers very competitive commission payments, up to 11% per successful transaction, and is one of the most reliable travel alliance websites, so all your legal sales are paid.

Earning Through Expedia Affiliate Program:

The profit you earn through the Expedia affiliate program depends entirely on the kind of transaction you make, and the commission for each transaction ranges between 3% to 11%.

Here are the profit rates for various packages.

  • 5% for Vacation Packages on each sale.
  • 11% on Expedia Premium Plus hotel transactions based on monthly hotel profit and sale.
  • 9% on Premium hotel transactions.
  • 6% on Rent car transactions.
  • 10% on any Activity transactions.
  • 3% on Basic hotel accommodation transactions.

You should be aware that your customer support staff individually checks all applications. Only then you can start monetizing your travel website through your affiliate program.

When and how to get paid by the Booking affiliate program?

All your earnings are only paid after you earn at least $50, and your commission is paid once a month (the 15th of each month).

9. Etsy – Affiliate Program:


The Etsy affiliate marketing programs can sometimes be very busy. The most familiar affiliate marketing program seems to be ruled by high Domain Authority sites. So you want to know how to compete. What if you can find an affiliate program big enough to cover most niche markets? Here, you can look for products that are not accessible anywhere besides on the Internet. In this case, Etsy may be exactly what you are trying to find.

The plan focuses on a local blog founded in Pittsburgh to sell the city’s branded things made by local craftsmen. They send notifications to customers via newsletters or Facebook, instructing bloggers to sell products. They aid them in showing the correct guide in real-time in front of real people to get more results. It can easily earn up to $350/year.

Earning Through Etsy Affiliate Program:

Etsy products are focused on two key areas that are handmade items and Vintage products. Anyone into affiliate marketing can make a commission up to 4% of the total sales he makes. Etsy affiliate marketing website has a cookie duration of 30 days. The most important thing one needs to know there is that this specific affiliate marketing program charges a refundable $5 fee to join for the first time.

When and How to Get payment by Etsy Affiliate Program?

If you promote Etsy products through their affiliate network, you can look forward to being paid on time. They pay you twice in one month, that is on the 1st and 15th day. The payment method used by this affiliate program are PayPal and Esty Payments, and the minimum Payout range is $20 to $100.

10. Sandals Resorts – Travel Affiliate Program:


Sandals Resorts network includes multiple 5-star hotels and resorts in the Caribbean. The resorts are situated in the Bahamas, Antigua, Jamaica, and other very well-known destination islands.

It is a very well-known name in Caribbean resort travel because it enables couples and families to enjoy the luxurious vacation of travel. It runs through CJ partners and provides travel bloggers with a 4% profit per successful booking. Please remember this before booking, as these resorts are very luxurious, with prices ranging from US$150 to US$2,000, depending on the kind of facilities and activities provided.

Affiliate companies can advertise reservations at any of these locations and additional services such as butler facilities, golf courses, and wedding facilities. The plan is hosted on the large CJ Alliance network. Sandal affiliate network owns these services (not a broker service), so the affiliate profits depend on the order.

Earning Through Sandals Resorts Affiliate Program:

If a family books a resort for every family member for US$500 per night, they would receive a commission of US$280. The click-through rate is high so that you can get a generous profit. Sandal Resorts is a well-known brand, so Sandal Resorts managers help each partner prepare quotes and achieve high conversion commissions. It allows 60 days of cookies and monthly payment. The commission Rate provided by the Sandal program is 4%.

When and How to Get Payment by Sandals Resorts Affiliate Program?

If an affiliate promoter wants to withdraw their profit earned through Sandal Resorts affiliate program, they have to reach at least US$100. Payments are transferred each month. Payment methods used by them are PayPal, Payoneer, Direct deposit, and Check.

11. World Nomads – Travel Affiliate Program:

world nomads

World Nomads affiliate network is the first-ever travel insurance policy provider on the given list. As the name indicates, World Nomads emphasizes the so-called “fearless” travel market. Its variety of travel insurances covers more than 200 activities and protects against cancellations and emergencies related to health. Being suggested by many well-known travel brands such as Lonely Planet is an important factor of trust. Aside from this, another strong selling factor is the company’s ethical qualifications. About 70% of customers make small donations when buying travel insurance.

The travel insurance website provides services to independent travelers in more than 130 different countries. Visitors can get insurance for their purpose, 24/7 medical or dental emergency care, and unexpected return flights. This affiliate program is exciting and applicable to customers because it allows customers to obtain security in any way they want. By participating in the program, you can relax and avoid serious problems.

Earning Through World Nomads Affiliate Program:

It makes travel insurance, health insurance, property insurance, etc., possible. It is an incentive to sell products to more customers and generate more commissions, leading to high conversion rates. Partners can promote insurance plans on a global scale. When you join this travel alliance program, you will be assisted by a global support team based in the United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, and the United States. The commission rate for each sale you recommend is 10%, and their cookie duration is an impressive 60 days.

When and How to Get Payment by World Nomads Affiliate Program?

WorldNomads affiliate program transfers payments each month. If affiliates are able to make a successful sale in January, your commission is usually sent to your PayPal or bank account in March. The threshold amount for minimum payment is $250.

12. Kayak – Travel Affiliate Program:



Kayak Travel Affiliate Program is a modern travel search engine that provides users the best travel prices by gathering discount information from hundreds of hotels, flights, and car rental websites in one place. This network provides a huge service, with more than 200 million searches per month. It also supports a worldwide audience and supports more than 20 different languages. When you participate in this travel marketing program, you will get ad banners and affiliate referral links that are made to direct specific travel destinations.

Kayak network owns multiple brands-including Hotels, resorts, Momondo, and Travel accommodations. It effectively operates its travel affiliate network. These brands collectively generate more than 6 billion travel searches each year, cooperate with more than 2 million hotels, and pay more than $76 million in ancillary revenue each year.

Earning Through Kayak Affiliate Program:

Accessing multiple travel affiliate programs through a single registration is a good deal for affiliates. Travel categories include bookings for flights, hotels, and car rentals. When you see that Kayak’s commission rate is 50% of booking revenue and $0.95 per click, this affiliate network sounds like a good choice. It has a minimum cookie duration that lasts for 30-minute.

When and How to Get Payment by Kayak Affiliate Program?

Transfer of commission payouts includes bank transfer, PayPal, and WebMoney. It will pay only sales from Spain, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Brazil. The only real disadvantage here is the payment threshold-you would not get any commissions until your income reaches $500.

13. Wego – Travel Affiliate Program:

wego is a travel affiliate meta-search engine that allows you to easily find the cheapest hotels and flights that are available online, indeed helping you save your time, pay less money, and enjoy more travel. Wego affiliate network provides a special affiliate network for all travel bloggers and affiliates who want to earn more income through a wide range of affiliate products by promoting traveling facilities.

Unlike many other travel networks such as Expedia, TripAdvisor, etc., the Wego affiliate program provides a special affiliate program to all the traveling bloggers and traveling industries linked with affiliates who promote them to get commission via CPC monetization system.

Wego provides its users with a wide range of products, related programs, and bookings used to make more profit by their affiliate network. The aggregate of commission you make depends on your skills to attract more users to the network.

Earning Through Wego Affiliate Program:

Being a member of the Wego affiliate program, you can get US$0.050.40 every time you leave your flight and US$0.200.80 every time a user withdraws from the hotel. Therefore, it is a commission per click (CPC) affiliate program and is very effective for travel marketers looking for a CPC monetization type instead of a profit-based method.

When and How to Get Payment by Wego Affiliate Program?

All affiliate promoters who use the Wego affiliate program will be paid between the 15th and the 20th of each month for the income earned in the last month. Requires at least 100 USD PayPal and 500 USD bank transfers to prevent it from reaching your account commission. For example, if you made $30 in January, $40 in February, and $90 in March, you will receive $160 from May 15-20. It’s that simple.

14. Lonely Planet – Travel Affiliate Program:


The network is the world’s largest travel guide publisher, publishing magazines, travel guides, e-books, and more. It also enables you to book trips, flights, and hotels, etc., and pay high profits to all affiliated promoters in it. Lonely Planet is considered one of the best online (and printed resource) websites globally for finding information about traveling, whether it’s city trips, exploring the pristine wilderness, or finding attractions in popular tourist destinations. The website has everything. Tourists can also use the platform to prepare and book travel services, spend time on the platform, read a lot of travel guides or buy travel books.

Affiliates can access their dynamic banner ads, and they can promote their products on your website, from travel guides to e-books to magazines, to earn more commissions.

Earning Through Lonely Planet Affiliate Program?

You will receive a 15% profit for print and digital e-books. You will get 12% of the travel guide. Traveling accommodation commissions will be uploaded as soon as they are posted on their platform. Therefore, please contact your support team for more information on commission payments for travel services. The Lonely Planet affiliate network provides a 30-day cookie period, which means that even if a customer purchases through your affiliate referral link after 29 days, you will receive a commission.

When and How to Get payment by Lonely Planet Affiliate Program?

Once you reach their minimum payout value, the payments are transferred to your bank account directly or PayPal account one time in a month, and payments are accepted globally in this network.

15. Hotels Combined – Travel Affiliate Program:


Hotels Combined is considered as one of the largest hotel comparison platforms. Thousands of traveling lovers around the globe book accommodations on this platform, and at the same time, pay high payouts to affiliated sponsors. It is also the leading hotel comparison site. As travel blogs become one of the most well-known specialists, the need for hotel accommodation is also growing rapidly. It provides facilities for bookings of rooms and accommodations and promotes them to your audience and travelers from all over the world.

Earnings Through Hotels Combined Affiliate Program:

They earn between $0.50 and $2 for each potential customer you send to their site. All audiences who click on your referral link will be followed for up to 365 days so that you can get high profits through repeated visits around the year. Few affiliate networks provide you with a cookie period of one whole year. This program is one of them. You can get commissions for providing referral links even after one year (whenever someone clicks on your referral link to make a purchase or make a transaction).

When and How to Get Payment by Hotels Combined Affiliate Program?

You will receive all earnings each month, and usually, all commissions will be processed at the last of the month. E.g., if the commission for July (to be confirmed) was made on August 1 and paid in late August (usually the last week of the month). Once you reach the minimum commission payout of $100, they will send payment to your PayPal account.


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