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Cointraffic Review – Best Leading Crypto & Bitcoin Advertising Network in 2022

Cointraffic Review:

Are you in the crypto industry and lack high-quality traffic? If that is your problem, we have the best solution. Back in the old days, people spent their budgets on advertising that didn’t benefit them enough. But everything has become much simpler and less complex with the introduction of niche-specific advertising. So, if you are looking for the best quality traffic with different advertising formats, the Cointraffic is all you need.

Today we are going to take a deep dive into Cointraffic. Look at all of the features it brings to the table and whether it is worth it.

What is Cointraffic?

Cointraffic Home

Cointraffic is a cryptocurrency advertising network. Before there was niche-specific advertising, the methods used for advertising were complicated and expensive. Advertisers had to pay for traffic that did nothing in return. So, in this way, a lot of the budget was lost on gaining more traffic. When Cointraffic was released in 2014, it changed the whole landscape with niche-specific advertising.

This method allowed to unite all cryptocurrency projects under an automated system. Cointraffic also has different advertising formats available to choose from as per your needs. Cointraffic is very familiar with the crypto world and thus can provide you with the best solutions. So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re an advertiser or a publisher; Cointraffic has everything you need.

Ad Formats:

Whenever you make an advertising campaign, you must choose the relevant ad format. Using the proper ad format will allow you to achieve the best results.

The first type of ad that you get with Cointraffic is Banner Ads. These are viable because they help in converting from other channels and get direct clicks as well. These types of ads have high visibility as well. You get all of the different banner formats like in-page, slide, premium header, etc.

Another great thing about these banner ads is that they are compatible with desktop and mobile users. You also target these advertisements based on geolocation. There are detailed performance reports also generated that you can use for further analysis.

  • Native Ads

Native Ads are best for websites as they perfectly adapt to the website’s design. These ads are really popular and useful because they don’t hinder the user experience and still drive traffic for the best results. These ads have a high click-through rate and don’t annoy the users. You get high-quality traffic.

The native ads are also compliant with mobile and desktop users. Geo-targeting is also present, and you can easily customize it as well. If you want to analyze the performance, you can easily do that through the easy-to-understand performance reports.

PR Services:

If you want to share your PR story on 300+ crypto websites, you can easily do that with Cointraffic. This is possible with the help of the Smart Press Release Constructor. With this constructor, you can easily make a PR. All of the available crypto websites for distribution are ranked by the constructor. So, in this way, you immediately get dedicated publishers.

  • PR Targets

Using the constructor, you can easily set up a PR by specifying the budget and the settings. This will provide you with a list of publishers that align with your PR targets.

  • Publisher Approval

If a publisher doesn’t meet your requirements, you can also change any website on the list. After the list is confirmed, you can proceed to content creation.

  • Fast Distribution Process

If there is a project that needs branding support, then Cointraffic’s PR service is perfect for it. There are copywriters present that will help you in creating unique content. The PR is published on more than 300 websites and shared on social media. In the end, you get a detailed report of the PR with reach numbers, etc.

Features for Advertisers:

If high-quality traffic is all you need, Cointraffic is your best solution as an advertiser. Cointraffic will provide you with the solution whether you’re doing any crypto-related project. You can easily drive targeted traffic towards your website.

  • Cryptocurrency Projects

If you are running any cryptocurrency project like wallets, games, gambling, etc., then Cointraffic can easily drive more users towards your project.

  • Easy Launch

Starting an advertising campaign is easy with Cointraffic. It will only take you a couple of minutes to get your campaign up and running.

  • High CTR

One of the best benefits for advertisers of Cointraffic is that it provides the highest CTR of any crypto ad network. So, when you work with Cointraffic, you get the best positions in ad formats.

  • Targeted Traffic

Another great thing about Cointraffic is that it provides targeted traffic. So, in this way, you never get any bots, and adult sites aren’t accepted. All of the advertisements on different sites are quality and relevance tested. In this way, you only get the most worthwhile traffic to you.

  • Performance Analysis

Analyzing the advertising campaign results is simple as Cointraffic provides you with easy-to-read reports. This allows you to better optimize your campaigns by analyzing the results. In this way, you get the maximum possible ROI.

Features for Publishers:

Cointraffic also provides publishers with the best features to generate the most revenue. If you are looking to boost your revenue through ads and content, Cointraffic is the best place for you.

  • High Commissions

As a publisher, you would want the best rates possible in the market, which is only possible with Cointraffic. This is because only top-quality crypto websites that provide the highest commissions are accepted.

  • Easy Setup

It is really easy to set up advertising because most of them only contain a single unified code. This makes the setup process painless.

  • Fast Payouts

Every publisher wants fast payouts, and this is not the case most of the time. But with Cointraffic, you can easily get your payouts on time and directly in your bank account or Bitcoin wallet. You can easily request the payout at any time. Payments are sent three times per week – Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

  • Active Ads

When working with Cointraffic, you don’t need to spend all of your time selling ads. All of the monetization queries will be handled by Cointraffic, and you only need to work on the development of your website.


  • High-Quality Traffic
  • Easy Campaign Setup
  • Robust Performance Reports
  • Reliable Ad Formats
  • Quick Payouts
  • High Commissions


  • None

Final Verdict:

So, whether you are looking for the best advertising services or a PR service, Cointraffic has everything in store for you. This network is amazing for advertisers as well as publishers. You get robust ad formats, and the advertising campaigns are also easy to set up. They provide quick payouts, and the commission rate is also quite high. Their CTR is high enough in the market. Furthermore, they also provide you with performance reports as well.

Their PR Constructor is also amazing and allows you to share your story on 300+ different crypto websites. So, if you are in the market looking for the best crypto ad network, then look no further than Cointraffic.

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