Instagram is Internally Testing a New Monetization Feature for Creators called “Gifts.

According to reports, Instagram is Internally Testing a New Monetization Feature for Creators called “Gifts” to help content producers. The content producers will be able to make money through Instagram reels with the aid of this function. Rumour has it that the most recent Instagram feature is a test version.

After Instagram announced it in July, software analyst Alessandro Paluzzi was the first person to spot the functionality. Instagram then developed the function under the moniker “content appreciation.”

A switch feature that might allow viewers to “give a gift” to the author of each reel, such as stars, charms, or mega-likes, can be seen in a screenshot posted by Paluzzi. Underneath the Gifts page in their preferences, content producers may also see if they qualify for Instagram Gifts.

The site has previously experimented with commercialization. Instagram introduced “Badges” in 2020. A tool that enables individuals to help authors by spending money on a Badge throughout a live broadcast. In the remarks, a heart icon is displayed next to the supporter’s name beside badges. It cost $0.99, $1.99, or $4.99.

Users of TikTok can send a gift or a present while a live broadcast is taking place when a clip appears on the For You page.

Additionally, a number of social networking sites now offer tools for tipping creators. TikTok introduced straight payment for producers in December. Twitter launched the Tip Jar function in May 2021, and Tumblr did the same this year.

TikTok, Instagram’s main rival, provides a function comparable to Gifts. Users of TikTok have the option to send gifts or gifts during live broadcasts when a clip appears on the For You page. You may choose between Classic and Premier presents, and you can also add comments. Like Instagram, TikTok has been working hard to support its artists, even providing some of them with ad compensation.

Even though there is little information regarding the Instagram Gifts feature. If anything similar materializes, it could be a good method for Instagram content producers to increase their income. Since July, Meta has promoted possible options for its authors to increase their income.

With the option to gift them, Meta wants you to recognize your favorite Instagram creators.

A Meta representative stated that the business is currently testing a function dubbed “Gifts.” The prototyping functionality is just tested internally for now, despite the fact that it appears to be in development.

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