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15+ Best SAAS Affiliate Programs in 2023 (High Paying)

Why are SAAS affiliate programs much better than regular affiliate programs/networks?

It’s the amount of the commission. As a consumer goods company, it can be not easy to make 8 to 15% of your livelihood with a product worth 10$ to 20$. SaaS Affiliate Program is different. You can make large, one-time, or recurring payments of hundreds of dollars each month. Imagine being paid regularly as long as the referred user is a customer.
This is a reality for successful SaaS partners around the world.
As a content promoter or blogger, you can earn a lot of money to promote useful Saas products. This article will look at the best SaaS affiliate programs/networks you can join to earn money online. Before you start an affiliate program, let’s understand the basics.

What is SaaS?  

The abbreviation of SaaS is software as a service. In other words, it’s primarily about service-providing software, which you can subscribe to on a monthly or annual basis.

For example, the softwares could be used to book or manage anyone’s social media accounts from a single forum. Therefore, these types of software forums are called SaaS products.

What do you think when we talk about managing your business entirely from a single dashboard or by a mobile application? SaaS products can make this happen. Look and observe the best project management softwares. You can use the softwares to manage your remote teams (who are working from many different parts of the world), planning projects, communication of teams, and all other routine business tasks through a single dashboard. So, in simplest words, the SaaS products make your life easy when it comes to managing businesses.

How Does a SaaS Affiliate Program Work?

Affiliate programs are focused on SaaS products, including software as a service and other services that can be accessed online by a web browser or mobile device application. The SaaS Affiliate Program pays third-party advertisers to promote SaaS products on a Per-deals or Per-leads basis.

Essentially, it works like this:

• Indicates the SaaS Company that the affiliate will sign up to promote the product (industry blog, software review website, or YouTube channel).
• The SaaS companies approve the partner and provide a unique partner link.
• Affiliate begins promoting the product.
• The SaaS companies pay the affiliate every time the affiliates send traffic to the affiliate link, which brings about a sale (or other transformation).

Affiliate marketing is growing in popularity, with annual marketing spending expected to reach$ 8.2 billion in the United States alone by 2022.

Unique Benefits of SaaS Affiliate Programs:

SaaS Affiliate Programs offers many unique advantages over regular affiliate programs.
Earn huge one-time or recurring commissions and payments. For example, the average active campaign partner earns $1,350 for each referral. This is unknown in other industries.

Get access to the newest marketing materials for the brand you want to promote. It’s easier to create your content with screenshots and screenshots than to get retail or e-commerce products.

With the home boom, industry demands for SaaS products are increasing.
And if you need a billion-dollar cake slice, it’s easy than you think. Check out some of the pros of becoming a SaaS partner below.

How to Look the Best Affiliate Program for you — 5 Top Practices

There are a few things to consider before looking at the list of some of the most expensive affiliate networks/programs.


Fit Determine if your SaaS app fits your blog or social media niche. Does it fit the topic you usually write or make videos for?
You can switch if you’re starting on a social media or blogging journey, but it’s easier to find one that fits your existing brand.

2-High payments:

The more earnings you make with a single referral, the easier it will be to make money as an affiliate promoter. Therefore, it is important to prioritize high commissions and payments. This list contains only high-value options.

3-A stellar reputation:

You also need to consider the product’s reputation with your customers. You don’t want to appreciate your reputation by promoting bad products. Check out consumer review websites such as G2, Trustpilot & Capterra before deciding to promote your product or business.

4-Brand power & quality of marketing material:

It aids a lot if you promote an “obvious winner” in an industry. People like to do their research online, even after you recommend them, so a strong brand can enable you to sell.

5-Long referral span (cookie window):

The final consideration is the referral lifespan, the cookie window. The cookie’s validity period is the number of days the company allocates sales to the first visit it makes.

For example, a company can provide a cookie validity period of 7 days. So if you send a customer to an affiliate link and don’t buy it right away, the visitor can think about it for a week and still earn credit.
Even if you visit the platform directly or via Google for the second time, the cookie remembers you first directed this particular customer to the website. Ideally, it would be best to have a cookie lifetime of 30 days, as most people think for a while before investing in SaaS.

Best SaaS Affiliate Programs 2023:

Here is the list of 15+ Best SAAS Affiliate Programs in 2022 and 2023 (High Paying).

  1. ConvertKit – Affiliate Program
  2. AWeber – Affiliate Program
  3. Kajabi – Affiliate Program
  4. SocialBee – Affiliate Program
  5. Lastpass – Affiliate Program
  6. MyThemeShop – Affiliate Program
  7. Lifelock – Affiliate Program
  8. Bonjoro – Affiliate Program
  9. SEMrush – Affiliate Program
  10. Anytrack – Affiliate Program
  11. ThriveThemes – Affiliate Program
  12. InboxAlly – Affiliate Program
  13. BigCommerce – Affiliate Program
  14. Moosend – Affiliate Program
  15. Unbounce – Affiliate Program

1- ConvertKit Affiliate Program:


ConvertKit is an email marketing forum specially designed for developers. So if you are a blogger, YouTuber, writer, musician, podcaster, etc., it was made for someone like you. That’s exactly what you get with almost all high-end email marketing services. It’s easy to do all from creating a simple landing page or dashboard to sending a broadcast email to a list. Built-in tracking and reporting are intentionally kept simple to avoid getting overwhelmed.

One of the main reasons we like the SaaS Affiliate Program is that affiliate marketers can earn regular commissions. ConvertKit is the perfect example of what we meant by paying a 30% commission as long as the referral member’s account is active. This means you can earn $ 2,000 a month on passive revenue by introducing 20 new customers each year.

Commission:  30% recurring

Cookie duration: 60 days

2- AWeber Affiliate Program:


AWeber is an emailing marketing solution service & one of the oldest SAAS companies on the market. They have been in business since 1998-we were doing business before SaaS became cool. Now you have an easy-to-use email automation forum with tagging, drag-and-drop email designers, numerous templates to work with, and integrated with various third-party services.

If you’re a data-hungry entrepreneur, you’ll enjoy reading their detailed report on how to fine-tune your email marketing strategy. AWeber is another affiliate network/program that provides regular commissions for all referrals. It means that as an AWeber affiliate promoter. You can earn anywhere between 30% – 50% recurring commissions each month, for the life of each account. Combined with less competitive keywords, the regular commission payment plan/structure is well worth it.

Commission: Up to 50% recurring commissions for the life of the account

Cookie duration: 365 days

3- Kajabi Affiliate Program:


Kajabi was founded in 2010, and this famous and popular online business tool is among the largest customer bases in the industry. With its offices in more than 200 countries, the team has generated a staggering $ 1.5 billion in revenue and served more than 60 million students worldwide. This tool is in great demand from entrepreneurs, online promoters, course designers, and influencers.

This tool is gaining popularity worldwide due to its amazing automation features. Another amazing feature Kajabi affiliates get is that the platform can bring you a $ 1000 profit if the referred person stays in Kajabi for two years. It provides a good commission rate of 305, and the cookie window of this program is 30 days.

Commission Rate: 30%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

4- SocialBee Affiliate Program:


SocialBee is the leading software in the social media managing app market. You can easily automate all your social media posting needs with this tool. You can access payment platforms such as PayPal and Stripe. You can automate postings to social media, but you can also perform more social media processing activities to increase engagement, such as recycling and curation of social media content.

The forum also enables you to publish and edit social media content in bulk. The forum has partnered with PartnerStack for easiest payment management, providing 20% ​​profit to regular partners. SocialBee affiliate program also offers a 14-day free trial for new customers. Affiliates can target a variety of writers, content creators, bloggers, podcasters, and content developers to advertise and make money.

Commission Rate: 20% recurring and 10% regular sale

cookie window: tbc

5- Lastpass Affiliate Program:


Last Pass is considered the best service provider for password administrators. LastPass is like the fresh air of having a hard time managing passwords. It’s cloud-based, easily integrated into all browsers, and works on smartphones. It also makes it easy for beginners to create strong passwords for every site or service they sign up for. It’s thought to be one of the best SaaS tools customers have used in the last decade, and more than 16 million people agree with this.

This affiliate program also comes with a free trial. It’s a free account. As a LastPass SaaS partner, you’ll save 25% on all sales in your product range. The annual paid subscription for the base version of the LastPass is $36, so you can only earn $9 for each referral.

Commission: 25%

Cookie duration: 45 days

6- MyThemeShop Affiliate Program:


MyThemeShop software is known for creating SEO-friendly WordPress products. They offer many popular themes & plugins to extend your WordPress site. They have some most popular products like schema themes, a popular SEO plugin for WordPress rank math is the MyThemeShop product.

They have a high conversion affiliate program that provides 55% commissions and offers 2 layers of 10% lifetime commissions. We make 10% of all sales by affiliates that reference the platform. The commission rate of this affiliate program is 55% & the two-tier lifetime 10% commission and commission rate are 60 days.

Commission Rate: 55% & Two-Tier Lifetime 10% Commission

Cookie Duration: 60 days

7- Lifelock Affiliate Program:


Theft of personal information can appear to be something that can only happen to “someone else.” But in reality, every three seconds, there are new victims of personal information theft. If your personal information is leaked, it can be used for various criminal purposes, such as using a loan or credit card on your behalf. That’s why LifeLock is a very solid recommendation for customers.

They have access to a complete suite of systems and supporting tools to prevent them from becoming victims of these crimes or compensate for financial losses of up to $1 million. And they get it all for $29 a month. By selling a basic LifeLock, structure plan is worth about $8 to you. But if your referred person signs up for their “Ultimate plus Plan,” you’ll earn $ 100. This SaaS affiliate marketing offering helps generate life-changing passive revenue, with a cost-per-click (EPC) of $ 489.44.

Commission: Up to $110 per sale

Cookie duration: 30 days

8- Bonjoro Affiliate Program:


Bonjoro software is a SaaS tool to send personalized video messages to forecasts and customers on a large scale. Through the Bonjoro Affiliate Network/Program, you can get 30% regular commissions on referred customers. Bonjoro also provides flexible commissions with payments via PayPal.

There are no slow & complicated bank transfers. This affiliate program offers commissions of $ 66 per month / 30% on regular plans up to users. Cookies have 90 days, and promoters are paid up to 3 months after the last clicks. There are no registration requirements or fees, so registration is free.

Commissions: up to 30% recurring on $66/user plans per month.

Cookie lifespan: 90 days

9- SEMrush Affiliate Program:


As one of the most popular digital marketing tools globally, SEMrush performs 17 billion URL crawls each day to help put together a database of 310 million advertisements and 20 billion keywords. This database serves as the heart of above 40 other SEO tools, thus enabling SEO agencies and digital promoters to create better PPC ads to conduct competitive analytics.

Therefore, it’s no wonder that SEMrush has many well-known names in its 7 million customer base, including Apple, Nike, and Tesla. SEMrush not only pays $ 200 for each new subscription sale but also offers $ 10 for each lead and $ 0.01 for each new sign-up, providing a relatively generous cookie window for 120 days. In addition, you can talk to your dedicated affiliate manager and access market resources in multiple languages ​​to increase your affiliate sales. All commissions will be paid 27 days at the end of the month.

Commission rate: Up to $200

Cookie duration: 120 days

10- Anytrack Affiliate Program:


Relatively new to the SaaS marketing industry, Anytrack not only helps you earn good affiliate commissions when you join an affiliate program, but it also can manage your visitors or traffic better. AnyTrack is the affiliate tracking software that helps promoters measure and track affiliate campaigns and earnings.

AnyTrack aids marketers in tracking SEO, PPC, and social media campaigns. The commission rate is 15% and will be repeated every month if the referrer is a user. Subscription fees range from $50 to $300 every month, and few sales have the potential to earn hundreds of dollars in commission each month. Marketing materials are provided and may offer special discounts or offers to customers.

Commission: Up to 15%

Cookie duration: 30 days

11- ThriveThemes Affiliate Program:


ThriveThemes is a popular all-in-one WordPress marketing forum that you can use to build conversion-friendly purchases. You can easily create & manage an easy-to-use sales funnel on your WordPress website through this software. The forum gives a wide range of online marketers and entrepreneurs.

Affiliates earn 35% profit and 25% regular commissions when they acquire customers with one of the ThriveTheme products. When users sign up for a VIP membership, they get a ThriveTheme Slack communication channel. You can also get many affiliate training services and programs to choose from. The cookie duration of the ThriveThemes Affiliate Program is amazing 2 years.

Commission Rate: up to 35%

Cookie duration: 2 years

12- InboxAlly Affiliate Program:


Inboxally is a SAAS product that helps improve email deliverability & open rates. The tool primarily helps people send cold outreaching emails and emails to the subscriber list and puts those emails in the recipient’s inbox rather than ending them with spam. Inboxally, customers typically see significant improvements within a week or two of using the software or tool.

Inboxally provides an incredible ROI for anyone serious about email marketing. Inboxally’s affiliate program provides people who participate via your link with a lucrative 20% lifetime regular commission. When a customer upgrades, so do the partner. If you can attract such customers, your monthly fee can exceed $2,000.

Commission Rate: up to 20% recurring

Cookie duration: 120 days

13- BigCommerce Affiliate Program:


BigCommerce is a growth-enhancing tool for online businesses in the e-commerce space. This is a smart niche to join, with global retail e-commerce sites reaching $5.4 trillion in 2022 and $4.3 trillion in 2020. To achieve the dollar. In other words, there are quite a few businesses and money in the e-commerce world, and BigCommerce manages both of them well.

More than 60,000 merchants in more than 150 countries use his digital tools to customize cash registers, optimize website speeds, improve SEO, etc. BigCommerce’s SaaS affiliate program utilizes the Impact Radius affiliate network and pays 200% of the customer’s first monthly payment or a flat $1,500 for corporate customers. Generate $40 for one company lead and earn up to 20 executives a month. In other words, you don’t necessarily have to close a deal to make money via this affiliate program.

Commission Rate: 200%

Cookie Duration: 90 days

14- Moosend Affiliate Program:


Moosend enables brands to create transforming email marketing campaigns with a feature set that includes automated templates, an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor, and A / B testing support. Its core features are set completely free, and users naturally have to pay to access advanced features, starting at $8 per month for 1,000 email subscribers. Moosend program runs one of the best SaaS affiliate programs we have ever seen and pays a 30% regular lifetime commission for a successful referral.

In addition, if the referrer updates the plan, the revenue will increase. And that’s not the only good news. Most affiliate programs have a waterproof cookie policy. Still, Moosend will pay a fee even if the customer purchases outside the 90 days, as long as they have created an account within the period.

Commission rate: 30% recurring

Cookie duration: 90 days

15- Unbounce Affiliate Program:


Unbounce facilitates manufacturers to construct higher touchdown pages. It’s the internet site builder of desire for greater than 15,000 manufacturers, such as massive names like Campaign Monitor & Later. It’s been given a ton of clever functionality, such as a brand new characteristic that leverages greater than 1.5 billion information factors and AI insights to assist small corporations in power greater conversions from their touchdown pages.

Its diverse gear is effective because of the riding pressure in the back of greater than 500 million client conversions. On the problem of conversions, the Unbounce SaaS associate application can pay a 20% ordinary lifetime fee for every client you refer. With costs ranging from $80 – $three hundred a month, that’s a quite aggressive offer. To assist you in shipping greater site visitors closer to Unbounce, your associate hyperlink permits a successful referral to assert a 20% cut price on their first 3 months.

Commission rate: 20% recurring

Cookie duration: 90 days

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Wrapping Up:

There were hundreds of different SaaS affiliate programs or networks included here. But it’s not about the sheer volume (who has the time to read over 50 affiliate programs?), But the brand names and services are recognizable.
That’s because it’s much easier to make money with affiliate marketing for products and services that you’re at least a little used to.

As a result, the SaaS affiliate program overview is different from the others you can find online.
Affiliate marketing is the best way to increase your passive income despite some negative relationships. However, it takes time & effort to succeed. It begins with a survey to find the right company to partner with. You can participate in many affiliate programs, but we recommend starting with three or fewer. As your affiliate marketing efforts grow, you will always participate later.

The 15 affiliate programs on the given list are some of the best SaaS and marketing. Ultimately, it would help to decide which program is right for you. After that, all you have to do is sign up, promote, promote and promote! This year, we will generate additional revenue from our affiliate marketing efforts.

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